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The sun for Nash contract12000000 years not satisfactory

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Before Steve Nash assists in the summer as a free agent, <a href=””>cheap mlb jerseys china</a> according to previous reports, we have heard many teams are interested in the All-Star guard news. But his old club, the sun has no movement. In recent days according to Feinikesi media arizonasports report, reporter Paul Carle Weiss via Twitter disclosed, the sun finally act, they opened for Nash to a two-year, $12000000contract extension.

According to previous reports, the Raptors are chasing Nash was the strongest team, even also reported they had for Nash out of a period of three years, the total value of $36000000dollar contract.

According to the insider’s source said, the sun only offers Nash a two-year, $12000000contract. If this is true, obviously, this contract can not and Toronto out of the price put on a par with.

Arizonasports reporter Adam Green to call a spade a spade and said,” if the news of the true, then Feinikesi’s fans might have to say goodbye to Nash. Because a year salary of US $6000000is not enough to attract Nash can continue to stay in here.”

Although Nash was 38 years old, but he can still in the League to maintain a very good athletic state, in the 2011-12season, Nash played 62 games, were present at 31.6minutes posted 12.5 points,10.7 assists, and 3rebounds, while the three technical statistics the 2010-11 season declined, but for an already 38 year-old veteran, it is not easy. It is worth mentioning that, as a projects as the main means of attack point guard, Nash’s shot hit rate as high as 53.2%.

In the2011-12 season, once that includes raptors, pioneer, <a href=””>wholesale nhl jerseys</a> Nicks team chasing Nash’s message, was familiar with the source said, Nash himself inclined in the summer signing a three year contract, because this will be his final NBA a contract.

From the sun gave Nash the contract price, no matter the contract term or annual salary, I am afraid no decree the All-Star point guard is satisfied.


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