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The task Raiders of RuneScape member: Growing Pains

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  The task Raiders of RuneScape member: Fairy Tale Part I, A -. Growing Pains (fairy task 1) guidelines, the task difficulty is moderate.

  Difficulty: Medium

  Length: Medium

  The premise of the task: Lost City and Nature Spirit


  Two task points

  3500 farming experience

  2000 attack experience

  1000 Life Experience

  The starting point: Martin the Master Gardener (Draynor)

  The necessary skills: the ability to kill 111th grade strange

  Required Items: Spade, dream, Secateurs, Ghostspeak Amulet and three random things

  Steps: 1. dialogue with Martin the Master Gardener to get the next task, he will tell you something, and then go to find any five farmers (usually each agricultural filed annex has one farmer). And dialogue with five farmers to choose if a member of….. Then go back again and dialogue with Martin the Master the Gardener.

  2. Then go to the lost city, to find fairy goldfather and remember holding the dream Staff.

  3. Then go to the north room of bank to find the fairy Nuff who gives you symptoms

  4. And then go to the Dark Wizard tower which in the west side of F city, upstairs and dialogue with Zandar Horfyre.

  5. Then go to an open space of the F below the city, several Master are there, and find Mortifer

  6. (Need a shovel) Mortifer would let you go to Draynor Manor to dig skull and crossbones in a tombstone in the northeast direction. To bring the skeleton head to Mortifer, he will tell you need three things (random)

  7. Receipt all these three things and take Secateurs. To find nature spirit from Mort Myre which in the east side of V with wearing Ghostspeak amulet.

  8. He will give Secateurs strengthen, and then return to lost city. There is a channel next to the cosmic, enter to find tanglefeet 111. Kill it, picking up the Queens Secateurs. Go back and find the fairy goldfather to hand in tasks.

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