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The three useful wireless surveillance camera in the field of surveillance camera

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Today’s surveillance camera wireless surveillance cameras, security of China showing the three areas will expand the application of wireless monitoring camera surveillance, and will greatly enhance the needs and development potential of the wireless video surveillance camera surveillance cameras! The previous vehicle mobile surveillance cameras to monitor the wireless application technology can not better meet the needs, such as the application of the GPRS network, the bandwidth is too narrow, the video occupy a larger, so how can the movement of the image data sent to the appropriate surveillance security camera monitoring center is the realization of the problem. 3G high-bandwidth wireless access, support to upload images at any location and acceptance of the distant image can not be achieved in the past technical problems to be solved in the upgrade of the 3G wireless transmission technology. 3G technology, to make up for the disadvantage of the wireless video transfer, 3G technology continues to improve, it will certainly be the exclusive wireless Video Surveillance Camera monitoring the area of ??Ngau Tau.

Different ways of the three operators of 3G technology (China Mobile TD-SCDMA, China Telecom CDMA EVDO, China Unicom’s WCDMA) is the progressive realization of the network coverage of large and medium-sized cities. Therefore, once the public transport routes covering cell phone signals, coupled with the 3G transfer rate, even in high-speed operation inside the implementation of surveillance cameras surveillance camera surveillance cameras monitoring will also be easier, thus improving the unexpected situations processing capability, the operational safety of the public transport will also be greatly enhanced. Initial 3G network upload bandwidth can reach 384kbps, enough to send 1 channel CIF real-time image is gratifying is that the 3G upgrade version of HSDPA will offer maximum support to the transmission rate of 2.8Mbps high-definition, multi-channel video transmission will compartment surveillance cameras surveillance camera surveillance cameras monitor more easily.

An industry-specific mobile wireless video surveillance camera
Surveillance Camera surveillance cameras monitoring

At present, users of industry-specific surveillance camera surveillance cameras surveillance camera surveillance systems such as the domestic Peace Project, the road of traffic surveillance cameras surveillance camera surveillance cameras monitoring, inspection and quarantine of electronic monitoring video surveillance cameras surveillance camera surveillance camera surveillance, more for large-scale Metro and even national industry, video surveillance cameras surveillance camera surveillance camera surveillance system. The high-end industrial users are now mostly in the construction of large-scale video surveillance camera surveillance camera surveillance cameras to monitor the project’s early stage, high surveillance camera surveillance camera surveillance camera surveillance system, including not only the wired side of the image in real time to see things clearly application requirements, save the video well, such as PTZ IP Camera control instructions faster response, while increasing the wireless video collection (such as traffic patrol, safe urban mobile patrol, urban management and mobile patrol and law enforcement, etc.) and mobile video viewing and control .

Current to achieve earnings the operators of video surveillance camera surveillance camera surveillance cameras monitoring the basic platform for all users of a particular industry, government, finance and telecommunications video surveillance camera surveillance camera surveillance cameras to monitor the major areas of application, wireless video surveillance cameras surveillance
ip camera surveillance camera surveillance and industry-specific depth of integration will become an inevitable trend to network video surveillance camera surveillance cameras surveillance cameras to monitor the development of the market.

, Family and commercial security camera surveillance camera surveillance cameras monitoring, such as civilian-grade home security / care, small and medium-sized shops networking

With the upgrading of people’s living standards as well as on Security Surveillance Camera to monitor the increasing demand for home security alarm and wireless video surveillance camera monitoring service, market demand and gradually increase, the future digital home of the home network can provide communication and information, home entertainment, security surveillance cameras monitoring, life and other aspects of the application, all to meet the demand for home life of the people of information technology.

Family of wireless video surveillance camera monitors the user demand for video surveillance cameras monitoring is relatively simple, mainly concentrated in the demand for the service of video images and alarm linkage, requirements to monitor the delay of the monitoring camera system, storage is not too high. However, due to the huge flow of data and signaling network dependent, and families in need to deploy a home wireless gateway and wireless cameras, constraints of family and personal network video surveillance cameras to monitor the development of home wireless video surveillance cameras monitor the development and promotion of The difficulty is relatively large, home wireless surveillance cameras monitoring applications is still relatively small.

Integrated market reflected the domestic home wireless ip video surveillance camera monitoring of business is not yet to fully carry out the timing of the difficulties are mainly two aspects: the costs and understanding of issues. Along with the home network and mobile network environment continues to improve, enhance the user’s spending power, security and enhanced awareness, increased independent living family, the domestic home surveillance cameras monitoring will begin to rise. When thieves invasion of accidental fire or gas leaks and other conditions, it will alarm information sent to the owner on the phone, so that the master was informed in a timely manner and make a deal with. 3G home terminal can also be taken according to instructions under the real-time video images, send to the master phone for later forensics. For high-end families, this has considerable allure. With the decline in the prices of end products as well as operators continue to promote the individual market, network conditions and the industrial chain to further improve the user will be more spontaneous, active application of the family and personal surveillance camera monitor business, the civilian market There will be a very large potential for development.


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