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The turn of salsa music festival towards salsa congress

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The expert persons from a field when sit together to discuss their work or on a certain topic then this type of conference can be called as professional congress. There are some criterions to be fulfilled to call a professional conference, a congress. Sharing of views takes place in congress through a predefined way. Lecturing on a topic, sharing views to the other participants are some common features one can find in a professional congress.

Thus, being familiar with the term congress you are guessing that salsa congress is a type of conference which includes discussions, lecturing on a point, taking decisions etc. as key activities. But, in reality it’s not true. The term “congress”, though has been used with salsa festival still it’s not wise to find the features of congress in salsa festivals. This is purely a festival where some features of a congress matches.

As salsa performers from different nations are meeting together on the eve of salsa festival, performing their level best and discussing on different issues related with salsa, calling this festival a congress is thus not seems to be overemphasized. This is a big festival where people from different nations, different cultures are meeting to promote, develop the salsa music.

The salsa festival or congress is not just a festival as people round the globe joins this festival; it becomes an international event and thus being an international event media also covers the great festival. Where all these features meet together, calling it a congress not becomes untrue. Nurturing the salsa music happens through this way in this festival.

The salsa music has a great importance in the present day as it has become the music with which people round the globe are familiar. Though, salsa dance or the music created not in Cuba still, it’s known as Cuban dance music. Great physical activity requires performing a salsa dance on the salsa music. The salsa songs are so energetic in nature that vibrates everybody’s heart and compels the listeners to dance on the music.

A mix of cultures can be observed in the salsa songs. You can feel the salsa songs matching with every culture, appeals everyone. This great feature of salsa dance and music attracted the persons indiscriminately. Persons felt it’s a call from their heart and joined the dance or music group. Nowadays, there are many salsa dance groups, performing round the year throughout the globe. This emphasizes that salsa is not a regional music now but this has become a global music.

Salsa not became popular round the globe only by dint of promotion, but for the appeal the songs creates to the listener. This is the main factor behind salsa, becoming a globally known music. The dance developed with the music is marvelous; it takes lots of energy as well as enthusiasm to perform.

Listening salsa music one gets mental energy and performing the dance gets physical energy. Nurturing all these concerns the salsa congress is of great importance.


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