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The Various Clients Our Bankruptcy Law Team Represents

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Throughout stressful economic times opportunities arise in the midst of the chaos. Our Business Solutions and Restructuring Group helps our clients to seize these rare opportunities using our unique multi-disciplinary approach. We are conveniently located in the majority of provinces/territories in Canada. Our lawyers pride themselves on going the additional mile to search for solutions outside the conventional options while still maintaining the company’s reputation as a cost-effective and efficient company.

Our team of lawyers are experienced in many of the facets of domestic and international insolvency and bankruptcy law. We have experience working on cases about the Canada Business Corporations Act, Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act, and the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. As well, we have skills in personal property security, provincial business corporation and preference legislation. When needed, our company searches for outside opinions to make certain quality service is maintained

To ensure that companies do well financially, in restructuring matters debtors, liquidators, stakeholders acting for unsecured and secured managers, trustees, creditors, receivers, proposal trustees and monitors in bankruptcy would all depend on advice from our firm. We offer unique and individualized options for those who are looking to profit from the current financial situation.

Another part of Bankruptcy Law that our firm has extensive experience in is fraud. We ensure our lawyers are part of the whole process, from the investigation all the way to the retrieval of the clients possessions. Our firm has acted as an independent monitor in “Anton Piller Orders”, which are civil search warrants.

The board of directors, as well as officers and individual directors, ask for our suggestion regarding corporate governance matters. These matters comprise their fiduciary duties, liabilities and obligations.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Our Restructuring and Bankruptcy team has lots of knowledge and experience in the fields of restructuring, bankruptcy and insolvency. For both debtors and creditors we represent and have played many significant roles in some global restructuring scenarios in addition to several cross-border restructuring deals.

There are numerous insurance companies, investment firms, foreign banks, along with various financial institutions from Europe and Asia seek representation and counsel from our great group of seasoned lawyers. The clients which we help comprise par bondholders, distressed debt purchasers and hedge funds, and high yield investors. Our company is well versed in all aspects included in insolvencies and we maintain some active practices for various conventional debtors. These clients, including creditors, receivers and debtors, have a range of needs varying from enforcement remedies to court protection.

By working as a team with other lawyers in various fields and by utilizing all available resources to ensure that our client is well represented in the areas of employment law, acquisitions and mergers, corporate tax, securities, and litigation. This procedure makes certain that every solution that we work out will be able to fit each individual circumstances. Our company is recognized for being creative and proactive. The assistance which we carry out regularly includes negotiating creditors’ rights issues, cross-border insolvencies and facilitating consensual deals. When faced with cross-border insolvencies, our company utilizes simultaneous extra-jurisdictional court procedures to speed up protracted restructuring procedures.

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