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The warehouse of green laser pointer needs to be periodically cleaned

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To solve this problem, people want a lot of ways, is currently the most widely used active infrared light source to achieve the control objectives of the fill light, in order to achieve the camera’s night monitoring requirements. Industry is currently monitoring more than 95% are using this technology, infrared monitoring system through the initiative to send the light to illuminate objects in the infrared wavelength (usually the naked eye can feel the wavelength range is in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet range, infrared and ultraviolet light is invisible, but the cameras can capture infrared light), determines the brightness of the infrared light to see the level. The first active semiconductor infrared technology in the early 1960s the success of the U.S. Bell Labs research and development, the earliest infrared conversion efficiency of only 5%, the efficiency is very low, is used in infrared remote control and other simple products. The factory is working on the new revision of working instruction of green laser pointer    .
In the night vision lighting applications, the main use of infrared light bulbs started, this product is bulky, power consumption, and the life of only a thousand hours, was later replaced by the infrared LED. LED infrared lamps and effective efficiency of 10%, product size relative to the infrared light bulb greatly reduced, power consumption dropped from a few kilowatts to tens of watts, but he has obvious flaws, it is limited by heat treatment and light-emitting power greatly decreases, so that light from the acute reduction in exposure is often less than the nominal distance, there is the product of the volume, limited by the number of LED tube assembly, in order to achieve the lighting needs, you have to use many LED tube assembly, resulting in volume the increase. However, due to production of huge LED lamps, can do very low cost, is the largest market share of products. The order of  Cell Phone Jammer Blocker  of this year is much more than that of last year.
Laser since the 20th century, following the atomic energy, computers, semiconductors, after another major inventions of mankind. Its principle as early as 1916, the famous physicist Albert Einstein has been found, but until 1958 was only the first successful laser manufacturing. Laser is in a theoretical preparation and production practices in the context of the urgent need emerged, and it come out, you get extraordinary fast development, the development of not only the old laser optical science and optical technology gained a new life, and lead to the emergence of a new industry. Laser allows people to effectively use advanced methods and means unprecedented, unparalleled benefits and to get results, so as to promote the development of productivity. The equipment of manufacturing    green laser pointer    should be protected well.
Infrared laser applications in the lighting field in the biggest advantage is that the laser has a very high luminous efficiency and light intensity, electro-optical conversion efficiency of semiconductor lasers up to 80%, greatly reducing energy consumption, increased lighting, distance, and control of laser technology specificity makes the laser product life is guaranteed. Lighting distance: a single LED output optical power is generally 5 ~ 15mW, although now there are 40 ~ 50mW LED products come out, but still can not and semiconductor laser (LD) compared to the current single-core light-emitting semiconductor laser power can be up to 10W, the brightness of a laser tube is equal to the sum of hundreds of LED brightness. Therefore, a relatively small laser irradiation products can achieve a great distance, much improved lighting effect, improve clarity. The truck carrying    green laser pointer    is about to leave the company for the port.


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