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The way to Sew Hair Extensions To A Clip

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21 inch Hair extensions can modify the look of your hair by changing its length, texture or tone. It really is really high-priced to get hair extensions which are currently attached with clips then you are able to place them on only together with the help of an expert. But by easy techniques you are able to put it on your self and thus saving cash. The extensions can alter your looks and any time in the day you can change your look as an entire adding on the extension.

The issues you will want for this will be extensions that may match together with the color and texture of one’s genuine hair, needles for beading in between the size 10 and 12, hair thread and hair extension ought to be in the very same color along with a scissors and finally extension clips which should have holes on the top of it and really should be the identical color as extension.

Step 1: the exact measurement to fit your head from a single ear to the other ear really should be taken and the extension ought to be cut at half an quarter of an inch shorter than this measurement taken.

Step two: Using the clips prongs facing outwards they ought to be placed on the wefts from the extension. Now commence sewing the correct end in the extension by way of the hole of the clip and continue till all of the holes are done. The edge from the extension really should be tight. Similarly sew the left finish also with the hair extension.

Step 3: two clips really should now be sewed to each extension.

Step four: the portion where the lowest measurements had been taken must be parted and after opening the clips, slide then gently into the hair. The edges of the clip must be pushed for the scalp in order that it remains locked.

Step five: Lastly comb and style your hair as desired making sure that the wefts and clips are hidden.

When you have a short hair then it will be far better to put the extension beginning from the best of the head and for thicker hair it really is good to sew two wefts with each other. Also care should be taken not to comb the extension when wet.


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