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There is a Lot That You Need to Know About Shutters Before You Buy

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Choosing any type of window covering comes with careful consideration, window coverings are not just something that enhances your home, but they also provide value and they offer insulation from the weather outside while allowing you to have light in your home. Choosing the right window coverings means have a good idea of what you want and need, and a working knowledge of the benefits of each type of window covering that is available.

Window Shutters have a lot of advantages over other types of window coverings, in fact they influence the value of of your home and the energy saving you will get more than any other type of window covering. More than just an expense for your home, shutters are truly an investment. But even when you have decided that window shutters are right for you, there are a lot of things you should know about them before you buy.

Window shutters have been around for a long time, in fact they predate just about every other type of window treatment, as they were used to keep out the weather in homes hundreds of years ago. Glass was costly and not always accessible, but wood shutters could be made from local materials and offered those that could afford them a way to have light in their homes and businesses without having to let in the bad weather that was inevitable.

Over time window shutters have evolved, there are more materials available besides just the classic wood shutters and there are many different styles of shutters such as plantation shutters, classic shutters and specialty shutters for bay windows and arches. These different styles and materials allow most everyone to have the pleasure of shutters in their home and they offer them the ultimate insulation for windows in areas where weather is a big problem.

There are big advantages to having the right shutters on your windows, they can have a marked different on your energy bills and they can also increase the value of your home. This is of course providing that you have chosen interior shutters wisely, based on the design of your windows and the specific needs you have. Interior shutters have the perfect curb appeal can make a real difference if you are selling your home to those who are interested in it.

Because of the availability and popularity of shutters, there are a lot of companies out there installing them, as well as companies that are offering shutters that are something less than custom. When you order custom shutters this means that your windows are measured precisely, including any specialty windows or imperfect windows you may have. Then your shutters are manufactured from the ground up from those measurements. Some companies have taken to using premade shutters and cutting them to size, this will result in an inferior product that may not last as long or look as good.

Some companies will advertise custom shutters for windows but will only custom measure and builds those that have specialty shapes such as arches or sunbursts. They will still use ready made shutter they cut to size for your rectangular windows, which many end up giving you an end product you are not happy with. So be sure to clarify with the company you are buying from what custom means and if the shutters you are buying are being built specifically for your windows. Window shutters are an investment and you should make sure they are built right for your windows.

You must also decide on the issue of materials, there are generally two different types of materials used on shutters, wood or a poly material. While wood is beautiful it does have drawbacks for some people, it can be expensive and humidity and moisture in your windows can damage your shutters. For those people poly shutters may indeed be a better choice and for those that must have the look for wood, the faux wood shutters that are now available look very close to real wood, with none of the disadvantages.

Poly shutters also offer better insulation if this is a factor in your decision to buy shutters you will definitely want to go with poly. Poly can also last much longer than wood, if you choose window shutters made out of poly they will likely be the last window coverings you ever have to buy.

At the Louver Shop we are both the manufacturer and the installer, we do not outsource any of our process to ensure that you get the highest quality custom shutters that are available on the market today.


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  • Posted On July 11, 2012
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