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There is a third option for a web based BlackBerry Application Development

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For the smartphone application developers, BlackBerry Widget Software Development Kit is very much helpful to develop web based
Blackberry application development that really looks and behaves as the native application. Widget SDK allows application developers an easy development option that is completely different from the Mobile Data System and J2ME.

If developers look forward to developing web based Applications for BlackBerry, they can easily avoid hassle during creating web apps. As this SDK supports web app programming language; it is easy for developers to create a fully functional widget app on Blackberry platform.

Widget SDK consists of a few key components such as the Blackberry Email and Connectivity simulator, Widget Packager and the simulator. As downloading Widget SDK from BlackBerry website is easy and trouble free, most of the BlackBerry Applications developers follow this SDK during developing BlackBerry Apps.

With the help of Widget Packager, developers try to package up web applications into standalone widgets based on the web application code. Then applications can easily access the BlackBerry device through BlackBerry’s Widget API.

Developing Applications of BlackBerry with the help of Widget SDK is really exciting. The most important part of app development this way is that developers are able to access the important information available on Blackberry devices without using overly complicated or low-level programming language to do so.

Blackberry App development by using Widget SDK instead of other ways directly saves time of development by any means, although it basically depends upon the Application’s requirement. Apart from cutting down the development time, it also helps in saving a significant amount of money during BlackBerry development.

Future for BlackBerry App development is really exciting. The more new Operating Systems and SDKs are coming to the market; application developers are griping the chances to make innovative apps. And most of the developers are trying to make best balance between time and money in the development process. For scalable BlackBerry Application development, one must select the company who can easily offer innovation in all areas of App development.

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  • Posted On June 12, 2010
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