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Things To Know About Hong Kong Employment Visa

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Imagine, you have been shortlisted in a reputed company situated in Hong Kong, and all of a sudden you receive a call asking you to join the company. The company is offering you a good position with a heavy package. Rain or shine, you will join that company, isn’t it?


However, “Hong Kong work visa process is very disappointing”, this thought bothers many people, who wish to work in Hong Kong. Even though, the process is bit tricky and getting your Hong Kong work visa approved is not easy, visa service providers can assist you to obtain the visa in a shorter period. But, before you take helping hand from them, it is better to understand the criteria & cases related to the application for Hong Kong work permit.


Although, visa service providers are ready to assist you in Hong Kong visa application process, the process of visa application to take up an employment will be a success only if you don’t carry any kind of criminal record of serious crime or security objections. Beside this, you should have good educational background with at least a graduate degree of relevant field.


In certain circumstances, when degree is not with you, you should have good technical qualification and legal document evidence of that qualification, proven professional abilities and hands on experience of relevant field. Secondly, you must have confirmed employment offer letter with job matching to your qualification from recognized company of Hong Kong. There should be genuine job vacancy in the company, whose offer letter you are showing to the Hong Kong immigration department. And last but not least, the remuneration package offered to you including income, medical, accommodation and other benefits should be commensurable with Hong Kong market standard.


If you fulfill above criteria for Hong Kong visa application, the Hong Kong immigration department asks you for more documents such as completely filled Hong Kong work visa form affixed with recent photographs, updated CV, copy of passport detailed page. If you are currently staying in Hong Kong, your passport page should contain record of your latest arrival or extension of stay. If you are foreigner, you should have proof of overseas residence. Apart from this, it is essential to have attested photocopy of your certificates of academic qualifications or relevant working experience.


In order to structure your argument successfully with Hong Kong immigration department, initially you should be familiar with the type of your application and then should approach to the case. The cases are classified into intra-company transfer, locally recruited expat and non-local expat specifically recruited from overseas.


Many a times, although we have all documents with us, understanding our case type and dealing effectively with Honk Kong Immigration officers becomes difficult for us. In such cases, visa service providers are found to be very useful, as they have staff of experienced officers carrying required expertise. Hence, they can easily understand your case type and can effectively communicate with the Hong Kong immigration department for quicker availability of Hong Kong visa.


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