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Things you must take care of, before you choose to undergo hair transplant!

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In the last decade, hair transplant has emerged as one of the most efficient mode of treatment for baldness. Reason behind this is the fact that the hair transplant results are far better than any other mode of treatment. Although it is quite an effective treatment method, yet there are few points, you must take care of, before you undergo the treatment. Here is a list of those:

·         Hair Transplant cost- There are hundreds of “so called medical experts” who boast of their brilliance in the field and do not hesitate to offer lucrative deals to the patience, regardless of the seriousness of the subject. You must, at all priorities avoid such offers, and instead lookout for medical experts, who truly can be trusted.

·         Hair Transplant side effects­ – If your start looking for medical professionals who can provide hair transplant, you will come across hundreds of them. Most of those, will quote that there aren’t any Hair Transplant side effects. Beware of such crooks! There are few side-effects like itching, swelling and even some brain diseases. Although it isn’t very frequent, yet precaution is better than cure. So, find someone who knows the subject.

·         Hair Transplant methods- Hair transplant is a vivid field that encapsulates plentiful styles (you can also call those, ‘methods’). You must talk to the specialist about those and get one recommended for you. Broadly, there are two types of hair transplant surgery: FUT and FUE. FUT (follicular unit hair transplantation) is a strip surgery, which covers a large area of your head. FUE method will be little heavy on your pockets. While, on the other side, FUT is cheaper than FUE. And one major effect of FUT is that after the surgery, it may leave small dots on back of the head.

·         To Maintain Hair After Hair Transplant- Our hair are so soft, we have to take care properly of our hair. After Hair Transplant we have to take care of our hair properly as before transplant. We have to wash our hair simultaneously, combed our hair regularly and properly, oiled our hair after washed it, and styled our hair normally to show excellent aesthetic results.

·         Hair Transplant is so safe properly- As in the hair transplant surgery doctors used only original hair to add in our scalp, there is no side effect of Hair Transplant surgery. The process of hair transplant is so smooth and comfortable (under local anesthesia). You can watch this process very easily in TV- channels. For more information you can also read all the process in books also. Otherwise you can talk with your friends on the phone while it is underway.

·         How much time is hair transplant take to show result- Although it takes up to 9-12 months for a hair transplant to fully mature, you should see fairly substantial results on the right side by now. You definitely could still see growth on that side, but there is also a possibility that you’ve seen continued hair loss on the right side of the scalp (men usually bald asymmetrically, with the right side thinning faster)and it’s making it appear like the right side isn’t growing.


All in all, you must remember that this is one such medial technique that has magical affect on one’s personality. But to have that, you must do your homework and find someone who can earn you that.    

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