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Threats for men

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If you think you are a man, and you will be not affected by the health problems than the research says that mens are more concerned about their state of health because of changes in their lifestyle and diet plan . There are five threats which men should take care of:-


When you are experiencing occasional chest pains than this is a clue that something is wrong  with your heart and its surrounding. As this type condition may be because of   smoking , eating unhealthy food, eating junk and oily food, exccessive  intake of alcohol etc. heart disease is a very severe problem  which men  should be concerned about.


Cancer is considered to be most dreadful disease for which not only men but everybody should be worried. The most occupied cancer by mens are of two types  i.e  lung cancer and prostate cancer. The first that is lung cancer  is  caused by smoking. And bacterial infection is the main cause of having prostrate cancer. But according to the research  prostrate cancer is a cause for worry.


This diseases affects both the genders, as men are more concerned about it  because men are more bound to suffer more than woman . the greatest damage caused to men by diabetes is that they become impotent.


stroke is considered  as the silent killer as most of the victims  of this cruel condition often exhibited  no sign of being ill. This type of disease is undoubtedly part of the lifestyle. Smoking and alcohol intake  increases the likelihood of having stroke .


Kidney  diseases are the diseases which stops regulating the processes of the body  waste . kidney failure also caused by the lifestyle.




·         Always eat healthy food, don’t eat junk food . eating fresh fruit  and vegetables is highly recommended.

·         Exercise is very important issue , you should always exercise daily . daily exercising  give you long positive effects  to health .

·         Execessive  intake of smoking and alcohol  can cause damage to health very severely.


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