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Three Effective Methods of Alleviating Vibration of Sand Maker

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During its working process, sand maker will inevitably vibrate due to this or that reason. Long time to vibration will cause the spare parts such as the screw to be loose and even fall off, and that is why we often stress that it is necessary to regularly examine and repair the sand maker equipment. Then how can we reduce the vibration of sand maker? Here Hongxing Machinery will tell everyone the detailed and effective methods.

1. Vibration Isolation with spiral steel wire rope. As a vibration reduction component, steel wire rope has the variable parameter performance of low frequency and big damping so that it is able to effectively reduce the vibration of the machine. Compared with traditional rubber vibration attenuation source, it has many advantages such as anti-oil, anti-corrosion, anti-temperature, high temperature resistance, aging resistance and small size, and the vibration isolation effect is determined by its non-linear sluggish performance.

2. Vibration isolation with hydraulic pressure. The hydraulic supporting system is a structure composed by traditional rubber supporting and hydraulic damping, and it is able to provide relatively large damping in the low frequency range and it can quickly reduce the substantial vibration of the engine. As for medium and high frequency, the hydraulic supporting system has relatively low dynamic stiffness, so it is able to effectively reduce the vibration and noises inside the driving room.ball mills:
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3. Vibration isolation with rubber. The traditional engine adopts elastic spring supporting to reduce the vibration, and the vibration isolation device is simple in structure, and low in the cost and reliable in performance. The rubber supporting is often installed on the car frame and it can be divided into compress type, cutting type and compress and cutting combination type according to the load condition.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd reminds you that during the use and operation process, it is necessary to regularly maintain and examine and repair the sand maker.


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