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Three Kitchen Appliances for a Better Breakfast

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Breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day. A good breakfast is an energy booster, it makes you feel better, can increase your attention span, and as a result it can improve your productivity throughout the day. There are even a number of published studies that have examined the health and other benefits of a good healthy breakfast. These studies have shown that people that regularly eat in the morning have lower body weight, and live longer and healthier life.

The two most common excuses of people that don’t eat breakfast is that they are either not hungry or they don’t have enough time. The first excuse in most cases is due to the fact that they eat heavy diners, so the solution is simple and good for them; eat a lighter diner. The second one is not really a valid excuse, since all they have to do is get up ten minutes earlier. Especially, with all the conveniences that modern kitchens have it just takes minutes to prepare a good breakfast. This brings us to the topic of this article, kitchen appliance that can improve your breakfast experience.

The first one is the good old blender. A blender is ideal for making healthy smoothies that are a great way to start your day. Also, modern blenders usually do a lot more, a lot of them come with various attachments that can do anything from making juices to whisking eggs for omelets. They are definitely one of the most essential kitchen appliances and a good blender can improve your breakfast both in quality but also in speed.

The next kitchen appliance is not so essential, but it can make you want to eat breakfast, it is the bread machine. Imagine waking up to the smell of fresh baked bread. Even if you are not used to eating breakfast, the smell alone will tempt you to sit and take a few bites of bread and honey or homemade marmalade. Since, a lot of the bread makers can be programmed, you can add all the ingredients before you go to sleep and program the machine to have the bread ready by breakfast time.

The last one is not for everyday use and it doesn’t make the healthiest breakfast ever. However it is ideal for some special family breakfasts, like for examples during the weekend. It is the waffle iron. We all deserve a little luxury in our lives and this little machine can give it to us and our families. After all, the things that matter the most in life are the little things, like some quality time with our family during the weekend mornings. Just the smell of fresh baked waffles can make everyone feel better, just don’t overdo it with waffles and heavy toppings.

To close things off, just a reminder that the time you spend eating breakfast is not wasted. It is time well spent for yourself and you will probably regain it by being more productive throughout the day.

If I managed to convince and you decided to get these appliances you might find the following guides useful. The first one will help you choose the best bread machine for your needs and the second one list some of the top waffle makers for those special breakfasts.


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