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Three technical skills about the infrared wireless ip camera troubleshooting

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In the world of the night, pitch dark, it all can not see, let alone monitor. Indeed, security network camera, night vision has been a troubled everyone’s problem. Dim light and infrared imaging is to use existing security technology, the most widely used night vision technology. Low light level imaging is mainly used in anti-terrorism investigation, the night vision of military operations, and infrared night vision imaging is mainly used for night surveillance cameras to monitor more. Of course, the two interludes, such as dim light surveillance ip camera and infrared night vision products.
Since the two kinds of night vision technology are very good, whether they have had PK? Today we have to view large collision time, compare the difference of infrared imaging and low light level imaging, and their advantages and disadvantages.
First, to introduce two kinds of night vision technology.
Low light level imaging technique
Night vision technology, also known as the image intensifier technology, with like intensifier tube night vision goggles, night sky illuminated by a weak target image enhancement for the observation of optical imaging technology. The shimmer technology is an important part of the photoelectric high-tech. Image intensifier night vision products are the core devices, the use of image enhancement to the weak natural light in the night sky light such as moonlight, starlight, atmospheric gray reinforced hundreds of times a few times to reach the human eye to long-distance observation level. Yellow-green light is the human eye is most sensitive to the wavelength, the color of the screen is often applied to the on increasing like. We see in the film and television special forces night vision imaging, the picture showing the yellow-green night vision lens is for this reason.
Infrared imaging technology
The infrared waterproof ip camera night vision technology is divided into active infrared night vision technology and passive infrared night vision technology. Active infrared night vision technology night vision technology is mainly implemented through active exposure and use of infrared light reflected infrared source observed, corresponding to the equipment for active-infrared night vision. The passive infrared night vision technology with the goal itself emission of infrared radiation to achieve the observed infrared technology to find the target, which according to the temperature difference between the target and background or target or thermal radiation. Their equipment for the thermal imager. Active infrared system of security monitoring camera and equipment at this stage, the application of passive infrared system is also less.
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When the light level imaging technology encountered in infrared technology, in the end one is better? Low light level imaging technology and infrared imaging technology compared, each has its own obvious advantages.
Low light level imaging technology advantages
Low light level imaging technology is the reason why a large number of applications by national armed forces in night vision, because of its comprehensiveness. The technology compared to infrared technology, no infrared light emitting infrared, and do not need to be observed object must have heat. Thus well adapted to the army to fight in different environments. Select infrared imaging technology, have to consider the loss of infrared light and maintenance, the second to consider whether the object was observed own-containing heat. Low light level imaging technology does not need to consider so much, With only the natural light can reach night-vision effect. At the same time, the clear night vision images, small size, light weight, low price, convenient use and maintenance, less susceptible to electronic surveillance ip camera and jamming a wide range of applications, is also the infrared night vision imaging incomparable.
The disadvantage of the low light level imaging technology
The shortcomings of low light level imaging technology is susceptible to the surrounding environment. Afraid of light, with the phenomenon of vignetting. Night vision in the face of strong light can not be observed, the observer will feel dizzy. Low light level image contrast and gray-scale is limited, the instantaneous dynamic range, high gain, flashing, only sensitive to the target scene reflection, and the thermal contrast of the target scene.
The advantages of infrared imaging technology without the aid of its external environment light itself emit infrared light for night vision imaging.
A wide range of night vision, little affected by environment. Used for building ir ip camera , mainly because it is without the aid of natural light, suitable for indoor use. The passive infrared technology, infrared thermal imaging, without the rain, snow, wind, frost and other adverse environmental impact, clear imaging, high accuracy and can identify camouflage and anti-jamming. Unlike night vision infrared thermal imaging system, as with the natural light, but by the radiation of the target and background scenery images, infrared thermal imaging system 24 hours a day work. Even in the daytime through the thermal imaging monitor.
The disadvantage of the infrared imaging technology
The disadvantage of infrared technology is that the infrared ip camera image is only sensitive to radiation, the target scene is not sensitive to the brightness of the scene. The technology must be by means of infrared light emission of infrared thermal imaging requires a temperature of an object and the intensity of the infrared, unable to adapt to the monitoring requirements under different circumstances.


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