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Thursday, August 2 Olympic Badminton Games Live

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The 2012 Olympic Games will take place in London, UK this year. The city beat the best of4 cities of the world in the bid to win the credit for the has hosted the previously in 1908 and 1948 and it is doing it for the record 3 rd time in 2012.The Olympics 2012 schedule commences from July 27 and ends on August 12.

The Sponsors are Acer, Omega, Dow, GE, MacDonald’s, Panasonic, P&G, Altos Origin, Visa and Samsung which are its worldwide partners. The Official Partners are BP, BMW, Adidas, BT, EDF, Lloyds TSB and British Airways. Statistics The number of certain participating nation is 171 while there are about 204 nations expected to participate as the qualifying rounds are still going on. The Calendar longs for 17 days when 10500 athletes will perform in302 events in 26 sports with the motto ‘Inspire a Generation’.

 Location map is around Greater London and other regions of United Kingdom. The Olympic Stadium would be the pace of worship for the sports lovers for these days in London. The main Venues are Dorset and Portland. The Isles of Wonder The festival of the Olympics Ceremonies will be called The Isles of Wonder. Queen Elizabethan and the Duke of Edinburg will officially open the games. Danny Boyle, the Oscar winning director of the Slum dog Millionaire will be the Artistic Director for the Opening Ceremony. There are speculations that a James Bond short movie might be telecasted during the opening ceremony.

Summer Olympics are just around the corner and everyone generally seems to find out about it because no-one will dare forget the occurring date with this great events. For many who want to watch, they’ll not be disappointed while they are certain to get entertained during the 2 weeks of the games. Everyone understands where is would happen thus it really is undoubtedly the summertime Olympic 2012 live is quite popular.

The Events There will be in total 302 Events. There would be Women Boxing event for the first time in the history of this year. The official Calendar was unleashed on February 15, 2011. A countdown clock was erected at the Trafalgar Square 500 days before the Olympics. About 5000 medals have been prepared by the Royal Mint. The 400g thick medals are designed by David Watkins with the designs of Nike- the Greek goddess, Thames River and the games logo. The Official mascot of the is Winlock.

The Games Tickets are available at all the countries in the world which have NOC. The people of Britain or any European Union country can buy tickets in any European Union country. The metropolitan of London erstwhile, seems to be ahead to crowd the Olympic Games since thrashing out their challenger, Paris, to be honor the occasion. They were honored the whipping out New York, Moscow, Madrid and then lastly Paris in the final round. Will turn out to be the foremost to host the Summer Games third time and is functioning hard at positioning its own trample on the occasion.

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