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Tiffany Jewelry ring into the hole

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Over on my other blog Louis Vuitton where I talk about pretty much anything other than jewelry that I’m into, I’ve been writing lots about mixed media. One really fun way to get started with mixed media art is doing an art journal where you basically experiment with whatever media you can stick to or use to make marks on journal pages including writing, drawing, painting, stamping, collage, punching holes, and really anything you can think of.

But it can be intimidating to get started. For some people Replica Handbags writing is scary. Getting words down, on paper, where other people can read them? Scary. I have a solution, and as a bonus, it results in a whole bunch of unique charms for use in jewelry projects! First, write your innermost secret thoughts all over the shrink film. Go ahead Replica Watches write poetry, talk about your secret crushes, your most embarrassing moments, anything you never want anyone else to read.

Next flip the shrink film over and put some blobs of paint/ink on it, then use a sponge brush to smoosh it around, letting it mix together in some spots. Let it dry, and further embellish if you want ink splatters end up looking really cool when shrunk. Don’t get too attached to your masterpiece just like the secret thoughts on the reverse side, nobody is ever gonna see it. You’ll need a piece of shrink Replica Watches (aka shrinky dinks), an extra fine point sharpie pen (I like black), and some acrylic paint or permanent ink in a couple colors you like. TIP: use clear or matte shrink film, not the colored kind, and use alcohol inks. TIP #2: use alcohol ink under sharpie, not the other way around (or on opposite sides of the shrink film. Christian Louboutin colors will all appear darker or more intense when shrunk, so don’t overdo it with darker colors or your charm will just look black.

Now cut the shrink film into pieces. I like rectangles 1 to 2 inches long, which result in little charms 1/2 to 3/4 inch long. Then punch a hole or two in each one (regular paper hole punches work fine). Bake according to the manufacturer’s directions, and watch the little pieces of your art journal become little charms! All you need to do is insert a Tiffany Jewelry ring into the hole, and it can be added to a necklace, earring, or bracelet (like mine, shown above, on ball chain. Barking place a piece of cardboard in your oven while it preheats, then put your charms on the hot cardboard.


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