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Timber Options when Purchasing Furniture Online in Australia

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Shopping for pieces of furniture for your home is often an exciting experience. You are able to see a lot of options in terms of design, material, and finishes. Many firms specialising in home furniture production and furniture design Australia can let you choose items or sets that suit your present home style. When you have certain preferences, you may even find Australian home furniture shops that could supply custom designs for buyers.

If you want to invest in Australian timber sets or pieces, you should know your choices first. This can be very useful to save your time and efforts in finding the ideal timber furniture for the household. Listed here are some of the most common kinds of timber you will probably find from a business offering up furniture design in Australia.

Victorian Ash

This specific local specie of timber is known for its pale consistent colour. This kind of timber posseses an impressive aging design which fits virtually any type of colour. Furnishings made out of Victorian Ash become a lot more beautiful as they age. Additionally, it is used as a base material when you need a grainy texture under paint.

New Guinea Rosewood

This specific material is known for its distinct light pink tone. This specific characteristic makes it ideal in achieving rich brown finishes as well as other darker colours. When you want a strong grain pattern on your furnishings, this may be an ideal choice.

Spotted gum

This local specie was traditionally used as a flooring timber. Its beautiful tight whirl grain and unique grey to red colour help to make it a great material for home furnishing pieces. Spotted gum’s inconsistency in colour adds to its natural charm. Whether you want tables or bench tops, this hard wood can be a great option.

American Walnut

This timber has soft grey mid brown tones that come with a striking grain. This has been a number one choice amongst makers of modern timber furniture in Australia. The attractive natural finish of American Walnut makes it excellent for classic modern pieces at home.

Black Bean

This is also called Moreton Bay Chestnut. This specific local hard wood is one of the premium wood for home furniture in Australia. Like Spotted Gum, Black Bean is perfect for almost all kinds of furniture. It also has soft grey mid brown tone coupled with a straight tight grain. A dark wash could make its natural warm colour much more stunning and its unique grain more emphasised.


Medium Density Fibreboard is another well-known material amongst firms selling furniture online in Australia. The majority of affordable home furniture employ this as a standard base material. It could also be veneered or painted to obtain a stable and smooth finish. This particular type is perfect for furnishings having modern designs and styles.


Reclaimed and recycled old timbers possess unique characters you can’t see in many home furniture items. The varied tones and the elements of the timbers add up to the timeless elegance of the items. Supply can be limited, therefore it might be hard to get or order such items.

Take note of these choices when looking for your own furniture online in Australia. You may check on the internet for more choices with regards to timber furnishings.

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