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Time” magazine published Ranking consists

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“Time” magazine in the evaluation of the success of Lin Hao said, his story for children around the world, are very important lesson, he broke so much to prevent the children forward bias and stereotypes. Wholesale hats – baseball caps, adjustable hats, snapbacks, brand hats, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB cap online. Many people believe that Asian basketball player is difficult to handle the point guard position, it was also “play well” and “read books” two things are mutually contradictory, but the emergence of Lin Hao proved that these views are, however some rigid stereotypes nothing. Jeremy Lin is a Harvard University student, after 1953, the first to enter the NBA is also the first Asian-American players into the NBA. “Time” magazine also specifically mentioned the 23-year-old Jeremy Lin is not the kind of overnight success of the lucky ones buywholesalehats, On the contrary, he succeeded in a very traditional way – entirely through their own efforts, he was very hard, and will maintain a humble attitude. Therefore, the “Time” magazine that Jeremy Lin can become a model for the younger generation, no matter what color you are, what ethnic, as long as you are brave, upright, self-discipline, it is possible to break the so-called “curse” to be successful. Particularly interesting is that after the publication of this list, Jeremy Lin teammates first time on the Internet told him that he congratulated Jeremy Lin said in reply to a teammate, he is very shy It can be seen, this is indeed a very humble young man. Moderator: So LinShuHao outside into this list which we are familiar with the name? Reporter: “Time” magazine buy wholesale hats Top 100 list is divided into five categories, namely the outbreak of the figure, pioneer, dignitaries, political figures, iconic figure. Eventually enter the list of influential people from various fields, such as entertainment industry figures have day Houleihanuo of American popular music, and she ranks eighth in the final list, this result It can be said quite eye-catching, the IT industry figures have Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook. 

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