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Tip to Decorate Residential Elevators Pennsylvania

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Residential elevators Pennsylvania do not have to be stoic or emotionless like commercial elevators we see in corporate offices. Residential elevators are smaller in size, but that does not mean it cannot have a little decoration. The space inside an home elevator is personal, it will not see much traffic as those in corporate high rises do, so this can be converted into a nice little personal space with a few accessories and nice nifty touches here and there that will make every ride a joy.


Decorate Residential Elevators Pennsylvania

The first thing that you have to remember while decorating a cramped space is safety. You would not want to put anything that jeopardizes your safety or of those who use it. Take for example, mini chandeliers that some hang by the elevator ceiling is strict no-no. Similarly, steer clear of inflammable things such as artificial flowers made of plastic or paints that are volatile. Here is what you can do to decorate your personal elevator space.

1.      Furnish the interiors with wooden walls and floors. This will add a dash of luxury and style to an otherwise drab place. Oak, birch and cherry wood are very good candidates for this purpose.

2.      Place a small foot rug, nothing too plush and preferably of jute or cotton that is not eager to get on fire! Jute ones are easy to clean and come in different colors. Make sure to have enough space around the edges so that it does not get stuck when the elevator moves.

3.      Place a small tool. We would advice sparse wooden ones with a comfortable cushion on it. You can sit on it while the elevator takes you from one floor to the next. Get one that contrasts the color of your residential elevator Pennsylvania.

4.      This is our favorite. There is usually enough space inside residential elevators Pennsylvania which can be used to hang a few personal photographs or paintings. Be cognizant of the fact that if the elevator ever stops to a sudden jerk throwing the glass frames to the floor, you will have a hard time picking the shards.

5.      Remember what we said about placing flowers inside residential elevators Pennsylvania? We were alluding to artificial ones made of nylon or synthetic materials that catch fire easily. You can however, pick the choicest of the season from the corner florist and put them in ceramic vase in a corner. 


Decorating the interior of residential elevators Pennsylvania will require you to ask for a little help from the installers. Talk to them and find out what they have to offer. Alternatively, you can also ask for an interior designer’s professional service.


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