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Tips and advice on holding a business event for the Olympic games

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London 2012 is rapidly approaching and with this comes the decision of what exactly you are going to do for it. Should you be looking to treat customers, think about renting a room at one of the event venues in London where one can sit back and watch London 2012 in comfort.

Buying Olympic park seats and watching London 2012 live from the grandstands possibly seems to be the perfect way for you to enjoy London 2012, however it is unlikely to be overly valuable when attempting to close those crucial contracts. Because of the forecast over crowding, traveling with clients will be very difficult and of course won’t allow much time to dicuss business. Nor is it likely to be overly comfortable. Instead, what about watching London 2012 on the big screen at one of the well known event venues in London?

Understandably, if you are to achieve any benefit from the event, you ought to be able to network with your potential customers. Many businesses take clients to Football matches and frequently purposely book a match somewhere that will require you to travel with your customers, therefore allowing a long time to go over possible contracts. This is much less straightforward during the Olympics however with TFL predicting lots of congestion and huge delays near the Olympic park; it’ll be hard to discuss possible contracts when going to the Olympics.

Instead of going and buying tickets for the Olympics, hire one of the event venues in London and watch the event of your choice on a big screen. Watching London 2012 on a big screen at one of the popular event venues in London is the ideal environment to close those critical business deals and avoids the huge, unpleasant queues which are almost certain close to the Olympic park.

Event venues in London enable you to select which event you wish to watch on big screens. You could even watch a variety of sporting events should you choose. In reality, hiring one of the many event venues in London will give you total control as well as offering an ideal environment to speak with your customers.

Event venues in London present you with a fantastic opportunity to bring prospective clients along with colleagues together in a lovely environment that is outside of the extremely crowded Olympic park.

For larger events where you have a large number of delegates, why don’t you hire one of the event venues in London which has several rooms. You might have massive screens inside every room, each for different events. You and your delegates are able to pick which olympic event they would like to watch to ensure everybody is happy.

If you’re thinking about treating your clients or potential customers, there is absolutely no better way than by hiring a room at one of the many event venues in London. While watching the Olympics live may appear impressive, it is far less effective.

Make the Olympics special by booking a room from one of many event venues in London to watch London 2012

Watching London 2012 on a large screen together with your clients in a venue is an excellent method of gaining business contracts. Have a look at my personal event venues London article to understand why or check out


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