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Tips For Conquering The Backcountry

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Outdoor enthusiasts who are searching for their next thrill should try exploring the backcountry. This unconquered land could include deserts, mountains, jungles or the woods. There are millions of acres of undiscovered land waiting for you to unearth.

The land and activities you discover are up to you. Venture wherever your daring heart takes you. Just be prepared for what you may encounter. Overcoming the backcountry is not a walk in the park. The terrain and surroundings will be unfamiliar. So be sure your backpacks are filled with the right gear. There are a few things you should do if you want to conquer the backcountry.

Bring Proper Food-
When it comes to venturing into the backcountry you can’t just through a bag of chips and stick of jerky in your backpack. You need to bring food that is easy to transport, easy to eat and is high in protein. Granola, nuts, dried fruits, hard cheeses and canned foods like tuna are nutritional options that will keep you energized throughout your adventures. Only plan meals that involve minimal preparation time and ingredients in case you find yourself without cooking equipment or with limited time.

Pack Sufficient Water-
It doesn’t matter if you’re roaming someplace with excessive heat, like a desert, or up to the cold, wet mountains, you need plenty of water. Staying hydrated is the most important survival tip. Physical activity, whether in the heat or in the cold, causes you to sweat and lose fluids. You need water to increase your oxygen. You can survive several days without food but your body cannot last without water. Just when you think you’ve packed enough water, pack some more. Packing one small item can save your life.

Dress In Layers-
It’s shocking how quickly the temperature can change between day and night in certain regions. The weather is always unpredictable and can change in the blink of an eye. So you have to be prepared for anything, you can’t just pack for one temperature. The best thing to do is dress in layers. Pack light clothing that will protect you from the sun along with warmer clothing for nighttime. Pack flannel shirts and fleece sweaters that you can easily slip on or off depending on the temperature. Bring a thick pair of socks and a stocking cap to insulate you well against the cold.
Don’t Forget The Odds And Ends-
There are a few miscellaneous items that you’ll need to bring with you in the backcountry. The most important items are a first-aid kit and a whistle for locating lost hikers or scaring off wildlife. An accurate map that you can follow, compass, GPS, flashlight, extra batteries and pocket knife are also important items to bring.

You’ll need a hat, sunglasses and gloves to protect you from the elements. Also pack sunscreen and lip balm. You can bring a few handkerchiefs for neck or head wear. It’s also a good idea to pack long-lasting insect repellent or a lightweight bug-netting jacket and pants.
These are just a few tips to help you conquer the backcountry. If you want to have fun and make the most of your adventure, be sure to come prepared.


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