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Tips for Designing Mobile Websites

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With the increase in the usage of mobile phones and the increased traffic on the
Internet, it is certain that there is great deal of demand for the design of
mobile websites. With growing competition, however, you will need to know that
the better designed and more user-friendly the mobile websites are, the better
the chances of getting high traffic on the websites.

The first thing to
keep in mind while you are designing mobile websites is that there should be
minimal content on the page. You must bear in mind that a lot of mobile users
will be accessing these mobile websites on their phones, so it is important that
content be kept to the minimum. Low priority content cannot and should not be
placed on the mobile websites. The kind of content that is generally located on
the right hand corner of websites just cannot be maintained on mobile websites.

For mobile websites, a single column layout works best. This is because
wide web pages are difficult or even impossible to read on mobile phones. Use
content in a manner that does not have to be zoomed in. Remember, zooming in is
an extra step and is not something that most mobile users are happy to do.
Single column pages that fill the breadth of the mobile screen work best. Always
bear in mind that scrolling down is far simpler than scrolling across.

Also, while designing mobile websites, keep in mind that entering text
should be kept to a minimum. It is always a challenge to enter text while
handling a mobile phone. It is not the same thing as entering text on a PC or a
laptop. Keeping text searches low is a good way to design mobile websites. The
other thing that designers for Social Media
must bear in mind that the navigation must be friendly for
both touch and non-touch phones. The number of smartphone users is increasing
every day, even though traditional phones still continue to thrive in the
market. However, mobile websites must be optimized for smartphones. Use items
that can be tapped easily. Avoid links at all costs.

Another smart way
to design mobile websites is to exploit the functionalities that the phones come
equipped with. All mobile phones, for instance, can make calls. Design the
website in such a way that the user can make a call with a tap, reaching a
service provider or a helpline with ease.

Remember, good design means
not just good looks, but also good functionality. Mobile websites will need
design that works well on the mobile phone. Design pages with minimal content,
easy navigation and minimal text entry. Keep in mind the fact that mobile phones
themselves use several different types of navigation. View the perspective of
the user in mind and you will know that you have the design of a great mobile
website. With increased usability, you will get greater popularity and more
business. That after all, is what every website should bring.

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