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Tips of Enhancing the Drying Efficiency

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Specializing in the production of dryer machine, Hongxing Machinery analyzes the method of improving the drying efficiency tips:

(1) experienced users know all use the drying machine, the roller speed limit is very low, drying machine which can improve the material and hot air exposure times, thereby improving the drying efficiency;

(2) should be used in parallel and counter flow drier for drying the combination way, avoid single dryer drying the water vapor can be discharged in time, running distance problem of too much drier;

(3) in the cylinder within the host to install a antiskid wheel fixed to the drying machine, and enables the host to maintain a certain tilt angle, to avoid drying machine to enter into the fire to carry high and far end lower sloped form fire installation ofdrying machine.

At present, our main export products have a lot of drying equipment, the annual export volume of more than hundreds of units, exports are the main areas in Southeast Asia and other developing countries, and has been opened in Europe and the United States market door.According to my company according to the authoritative department statistics.’Fifteen’ during drying equipment drying equipment in the domestic export product volume proportion of total will achieve 30% above, in the domestic market share of more than 90%, and in just a few years ago China’s drying machinery exports accounted for the proportion of the total domestic drying equipment is less than 5%.

Zhengzhou TEDA calcining equipment rotary kilns, wide application field, is most commonly used in the equipment of kiln, kiln is of various materials calcination rotary drum equipment, it is widely used in various sectors of the national economy.In the cement industry, cement raw material calcining rotary kiln is the important equipment of the cement clinker into; in the chemical industry, the rotary kiln can be used for the production of soda, calcined phosphate, barium sulfide; in the metallurgical industry, is used in the production of aluminum hydroxide in rotary kiln.Rotary kiln is suitable for treatment of solid particles and gas medium physical chemistry process, the gradient of 3.5-6%, in the case of low speed rotary, rotary kiln material in the cylinder constantly flip, so physical, rotary kiln chemical processing engineering uniform for.Rotary kiln with burning good quality, high quality of product.jaw crusher:
Rotary kiln:

Factory for many years of professional production model complete cement rotary kiln equipment, drying machine series products are drying machine, rotary kiln, cooling machine, rotary dryer, slime drying machine, vertical dryer, drying chicken manure, cow dung dryer machine, crusher series, ball mill equipment, cement equipment and to provide complete sets of equipment, rotary kiln drying machine complete set of equipment, metal magnesium kiln equipment, the series of highly efficient energy-saving equipment was more than the beneficiation plant selection, access to many customers have been received, the enterprise with advanced modern management system of Seiko production, independent innovation, brought together a group of elite of science and technology, domestic and foreign companies with long-term cooperation and scientific research units, the introduction with domestic and foreign advanced technology, technology and testing base.The company has a number of patented technologies and proprietary technology, skilled, reputable.The public are welcome to visit to buy.


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