Looking for quality mens shirts? One of the best ways to add a few quality pieces to your wardrobe and freshen it up this season is to buy online. You will find that online stores are chalked full of mens formal shirts, tennis shirts and casual shirts. Good online websites will offer you discounted shirts from only a reputed shirt supplier, which means that you pay lesser price for a high quality piece of clothing which you last you many years.

When you buy mens shirts online, you will notice that there is a large variety in both sizing options and styles. From tennis shirts, white polo shirt to mens formal shirts – all the variety possible is available at online stores. But before you add a few shirts to your shopping cart, think of the following points:

  • Does your office have a dress code?
    If your office is serious about wearing formals, choose mens formal shirts for weekdays. You will find that most brands are available online. Also, you might find a shirt supplier online who might also handle customized tailor made shirts for office wear.

  • What about Friday wear?
    If your office allows you to wear more casual shirts for Fridays or Saturdays, by all means opt for T-shirts with collars. A white polo shirt paired with anti-fit trousers or a casual corduroy trouser is also a great option. You can pair tennis shirts with semi-formal non pleated trousers for Friday wear with ease, and all these are easily available at discounted rates online.

  • Are there any specific criteria for choosing a mens formal shirt?
    Yes, if you want to buy smart mens formal shirt that leaves a lasting impression, you need to give attention to a few small details.

  • The Fit – For an impactful impression, choose mens shirts that fit you well. Don’t be afraid of picking a slim fit shirt even if you aren’t athletically built. These shirts have a slimming effect, and if you are tall they will look great with all trousers. If you are slightly scared of a very snug fit and prefer looser clothing, a regular fit mens shirt is ideal for you.

  • The Cuffs – When it comes to mens formal shirt, the cuffs play an important role. If you are able to slide your hand inside the shirt without unbuttoning the cuff, the cuff is too loose for you. Ideally, the cuff must come 3 cm higher than the thumb joint, which means that you should have to unbutton the cuff to put your hands in. If the cuff is too loose, the shirt can appear shapeless.

  • The Neck – Many men buy mens shirts without ever checking the neck. The right size for you is the one where you have a 2cm gap between the top button and your neck’s skin after you have buttoned up the shirt all the way to the top. If you feel suffocated when the top button is closed, it means the shirt is a size small for you.

  • The Shoulders – In the right mens formal shirt, the shoulder seam must sit at your shoulder. At most, it can sit about 1 cm to 1.5 cm beyond the shoulder but no more. If the seams are sitting higher on the shoulder, you need a bigger size.


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