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Tips to Search for the Best Photographer for Your Wedding

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The wedding photographer is one of the most important choices and investments in your wedding plans because you’ll need to rely on him or her to capture every moment of your special day. There are no second chances when it comes to documenting and remembering every moment of your wedding through professional wedding photos that commemorate all the planning and anticipation. Finding the best wedding photographer is key to being able to trust that the beauty and range of emotions at your wedding will be captured. If all goes well, your photos will visually tell the story of your wedding day, creating a beautiful lasting memory.

Before you even begin, the most important piece of advice to keep in mind is to start early! Top local wedding photographers in and around your area will be booked solid at least a year in advance, especially during non-winter seasons (April to October). Starting the search over a year ahead of schedule means that you’ll have the time to find, investigate, interview and book your wedding photographer.

What resources can you tap to find the best photographer for your wedding?

The Internet
A quick Google search will provide you with a thorough listing of the top wedding photographers in and near your area. Each photographer should have his or her own website where you can view their online portfolio of wedding photos. Aside from the photographer’s own website, it’s worthwhile to look up the photographer on and the Better Business Bureau. The reviews and complaints at these websites will be crucial for the decision-making process.

Your Network
Friends, relatives and coworkers can provide the inside details on the wedding photographers you’ve found on the Internet or even point you toward new photographers you may have missed. Make sure you see their wedding albums and ask for their personal opinion on the photographer’s work ethic, personality and style.

Consider asking your network the following questions:

How did you feel about the photographer’s presence at your wedding? Did the photographer seem undercover or meddlesome?
Did the photographer fulfill all agreements?
What opinion did your family and friends have about your wedding photos and wedding photographer?
Was the photographer helpful in relaxing you, so you could focus on enjoying the moment?
Was the photographer professional, responsive and punctual?
Can you give me an example of how your photographer dealt with uncooperative children?
Can you tell me about the photographer’s assistant, if he or she had one?


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