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Top 4 Most Expensive GPS Fleet Devices

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GPS Fleet devices have been such beneficial gadgets to every single big fleet business owner. They’ve been buying these products to help increase the revenues of their current business model. Fleet management software has many advantages in a business, it can help you identify the issues you have inside your fleet, and it can also give you a prompt if something untoward happens to your automobile. You will also be informed about the up-to-date location of your fleet. It keeps your life easier and work, more effective.

In this article, the author will enumerate the top 4 most expensive GPS Fleet devices you can purchase today.



It is a $5,369.05 worth of GPS Fleet device utilized for boats. It’s a touch screen device from where you are able to handle all the functions of the GPS device. From Navigation, entertainment, chartplotter, radar, depth sounder, video and network camera, the Northstar 8000i was made for the boat owner who wants an extensive system management for their fleet. This product has DVD, CD, video and a digital music player for amusement purposes. Now, you also have an opportunity to relax while monitoring your ongoing fleets.



A $3,899 worth of fleet management software which has one 12.1 inch screen with a display of 800X600 pixel resolution. It’s the same as the Northstar with entertainment purpose advantages. Additionally it is meant to be utilized in a boat especially if you wish to go fishing as it includes a digital fish finder! Isn’t that great?! Another benefit you can get here is it’s a waterproof device that can stand from 14 to 122 degrees F and has the ability to show up-to-date animated weather forecasts.


GPS Map 5012

At $3,383 a pop, this fleet management software can display you the map of the world. It offers high satellite resolution images that may even add more detailed maps to better show the latest location. This is also perfect for detecting any troubles that might come the fleet’s way. This fleet management software is additionally equipped with an SD memory card.



It’s a $1,877 worth of fleet management device with a dash-in navigation system for 2003 onwards Cadillac and GMC SUV’s. The functions of the same goes like this, a 6.5 inch touch screen to control all the original functions of the vehicle, which includes the DVD player, CD player and the radio. What’s more, it has the vehicle speed so that it gives accurate and much better GPS reception.

Fleet management software was created to manage and help your fleets. These types of fleet management software are built to meet large fleet business’ needs. Although the GPS devices prices have gone down during the past months, some fleet business owners still find it pricey or too much for their spending budget to reach. The fleet management business is one of the biggest companies we have right now, and acquiring a fleet management software will certainly help you reduce your expenses. Grab the most up-to-date fleet management software nowadays and increase your business revenue!

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