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Top 5 Body Contouring Procedures for You

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People undergo surgeries for physical, emotional, aesthetic and health purposes. But whatever type of patient you are, make sure that you know the right procedure for you to achieve the your most desired outcome. Here are top five body contouring procedures that any gender can go through.


If you have lost a lot of weight and left with excess skin and fat on your stomach, this procedure is right for you. Also known as the tummy tuck, your skin will in the abdominal area will be tightened as well as your wall muscles.

This procedure caters to men and women especially those who gave birth resulting to stretch and soggy skin. They can reshape their lower and mid-sections of their tummy.

Buttock Augmentation

If enhancing your behind is one of your dreams, it can now come true with buttock augmentation. This will make your buttock look uplifted and fuller through artificial fat implants.

The operation includes creating pockets where implants are inserted over or under the muscle. There are times that liposuction is also performed to further enhance the buttock’s shape.

Buttock Lift

Similar to abdominoplasty, this procedure gets rid of the excess skin and fat but this time located at the buttock. It can give your behind a firmer and rounded shape contoured perfectly with your thigh.

While buttock augmentation enhances the size and shape of your butt, buttock lift makes the skin tighter and firmer.


This is one of the most famous procedures in removing unwanted fat in our body. Also known as Lipoplasty, this can be done in any areas of the body where excess fat resides. The operation is performed by vacuuming the fat in that particular part of the body.

Although it’s not an alternative for weight loss, this can slim your hips and thighs, abdomen, saddlebags, calves, arms and even remove your double chin.

What you need to consider

You will experience swelling and some pain after the operation. Your doctor will guide you on how you can take care of yourself as well as the length of rest you need during recovery period.

Keep in mind that all of these procedures need to be performed by a professional surgeon.  There are many expert surgeons out there but look for world-class professionals.

Always have a background check to ensure that your doctor is licensed and if his patients walk out of his clinic happy and satisfied like those from Philippine Plastic Surgeons who are authorities in plastic surgery in the Philippines.

During consultation your doctor will discuss the process, result and if you’re capable of undergoing such procedure physically and emotionally.

You can ask any question that bugs your mind. Make sure that you’re comfortable with your doctor in discussing your goals to be able to achieve your most desired results.


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