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Top Services your Chandler Dentist Can Do

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Most people have heard of the tooth fairy. That mythological creature our parents told us about, who would pay for your baby tooth in case you lose it. The folklore says you have to put your baby tooth underneath your bed pillow and in no time, a pretty penny or two would replace it.

Once you’ve outgrown the tales of your parents, you realize there isn’t any tooth fairy. Instead there’s a man in a white outfit known as a dentist who can certainly make a grown man weep. Whatever ideas you have with regards to a dentist – whether you’re terrified of going to one, or you’re chummy with yours, the goal of the dentist is very simple – to provide you dental services for a brighter, more sparkling smile.

Here are some of the services your Chandler dentist can do from the most basic procedures up to the more complex ones.

Teeth Whitening

You could be the belle of the ball but as soon as you open your mouth and display your ghastly yellow teeth, likelihood is you’ll be leaving the party on your own that night. No one wants to look at yellow teeth. That’s why dentists have presented non invasive techniques to whiten teeth. While it’s not really a long lasting solution, it’s a short term remedy for your yellow teeth. Subsequent touch ups are necessary to keep a sparkling, whiter smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A famous singer once stated it before…born this way. Sometimes we are just born the way we are. Nevertheless no matter what we were born with, we can always change. Same applies to your crooked smile. Your dentist should be able to provide cosmetic dentistry procedures so you can easily make a good first impression with your flawlessly aligned and spaced teeth. Cosmetic dentistry may include tooth contouring, or porcelain veneers, etc.

Emergency Dental Procedures

Should any sort of accident take place and your teeth gets smashed, or you’re vulnerable to losing it, your dentist should be able to provide you with emergency dental procedures in order to save it. A broken tooth, bitten tongue or lip or knocked out teeth, life always presents us with circumstances that will need you to take care of it calmly.

Oral Cancer Screening

In your routine dental visit, your dentist ought to include an oral cancer screening. By checking for red or white patches, mouth sores or suspicious looking lumps or other irregularities, your dentist will likely be made aware should you be at risk for oral cancer. Although it can’t be detected if the lump or sore is malignant or not, the dentist may recommend further testing to understand what brought on it. Other exams include rinsing your mouth with a dye, which the abnormal cells will take in for easy detection. Some may likewise use a special light to check the insides of your mouth. This will make the healthy tissue appear darker, while the abnormal tissue appears white. If you’re a heavy smoke enthusiast and drinker, you ought to have oral cancer screening regularly.

Fear them or otherwise, dentists are here to make certain you have good dental hygiene. Keep in mind that a slick look, together with a great smile, could mean a world of distinction between catching the interest of the apple of your eye, closing a sales deal or heading home wondering why the opposite party didn’t respond as warmly.

Friendly staff, appointments at your convenience, first class experience and the gentlest Dentist Chandler AZ, Kyrene Family Dentistry has what you need from your regular dental checkups to emergency dental procedures from a top notch Dentist Arizona.


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  • Posted On May 21, 2012
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