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Top Ten Bookie Tips For NFL 2012

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Each year, when it comes to preparing for the upcoming NFL football season, there are a many things that a good bookmaker should do. Pay per head services have dramatically eased the burden on the bookie in terms of what they require for local operations. Things like a phone room and extra staff to assist you with writing bets can now be handled through pay per head offices located offshore. However there is still a lot involved with running a sports wagering business, here are a few tips.

1) Keep up to date on the latest NFL news on players, trades and signings as it can give you valuable insight into how they will perform in the upcoming season.

2) Check the early odds on NFL Futures to get an idea for where your action on favorites is going to come from.

3) Check the schedule and mark off key games and dates where you know the sports wagering will get heavy. Keep an eye on the big rivalries and revenge games.

4) Football bookies offer a service to their players. Pick up the phone and make some calls to your guys and let them know they can bet pre-season games and NFL props and futures.

5) Watch the pre-season or at the very least keep track of stats and performances. There is a debate on how much it matters but since you have a financial interest you should do it.

6) If you are not set up with a price per head shop, opening an account should be a top priority.

7) If you are set up with a price per head office you should give them a call and review your account standing. They may have freebies to give you and might even cut you a price break.

8) Start recruiting now! Gamblers are notorious procrastinators and will put off making a commitment to using you. If you want to grow your business start working them now.

9) Bookies that use price per head services should make sure they are getting full value. Consider expanding your players wagering options in all areas of sports, horses and luck entertainment centers. The more your players bet, the higher your profits will be.

10) Remember to enjoy yourself. Managing an online sportsbook can be stressful but football bookies do it because they love the action. Try to keep your eye on the big picture and do not get overly concerned if your players win big from time to time. This roller coaster is 6 months long and has plenty of ups and downs. Enjoy the ride!


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Bio: Gerald Perry is a former bookie and passionate writer in the area of bookmaking and pay per head services. He has written articles on topics related to this industry for years by now like online bookmakers, horseracing software, and pay per head sportsbook too.

  • Posted On July 19, 2012
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