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Top Things to Consider For Quality Concrete Diamond Drilling

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Diamond drilling technique is used for cutting harder materials like concrete and asphalt. However, in order to gain desired outcomes, one need to use the diamond drill bits correct way. If the drilling equipment isn’t operated right and when the right drilling technique isn’t followed, you may witness issues like overheating of the diamond blade, damaged drill bits or randomly cracked material.

There are several factors that must work together in right balance during a concrete diamond drilling operation to ensure optimal performance of the drilling equipment. Using right technique in the perfectly controlled environment will prevent friction and thus you will avoid overheating or material damage scenario.

If you notice the diamond drill bits are getting heated up while cutting concrete, it is a sign that you need to supply required lubrication. Don’t keep pressure and speed too high as they can cause overheating of the cutting blade.
If you need some detailed insight into the right technique of concrete diamond drilling, read the quick guide below.

Know The Right Speed For Your Diamond Drill

The ideal speed of diamond drill varies based on the manufacturer and the particular type of diamond blade you have. In order to confirm right speed of the diamond drill you are going to use for concrete drilling, you will need to check its manufacturer’s specification.

Usually, when the speed is kept medium to low, the diamond bits will get more time coming in contact with the concrete surface and thus you will see faster cutting.  To the contrary, when diamond drilling speed is high, it will result in diamond bits having less contact time with concrete and thus slow cutting pace.

If you happen to operate a diamond drill at a speed more than the maximum speed recommended by the manufacturer, you will end up getting your diamond drill bits burned. Faster drilling also increases the risk of material damage or fracture of the cutting blade.

Choose a Viable Lubrication Method

Most diamond drilling companies use water as a natural coolant as well as a lubricant for diamond drills. Effective lubrication technique can add more years to the lifespan of your cutting blade, and help you avoid overheating and material fractures. Some may also use oil based lubrication.

In the process of concrete diamond drilling, choosing good lubrication method is a key to success in your concrete cutting project. Another benefit of using good lubrication is dust control at the job site. If you notice the tip of the diamond blade is hot, with the change in its color, it is a sign that either lubrication is less or there is exceedingly high pressure or speed.

Maintain Correct Drill Pressure

Too much drilling pressure on the hard material can cause extreme friction which can eventually burn the cutting edge of the equipment. This is why keeping low to medium pressure on your diamond drill is very critical. Excessive friction can also cause damage to the material surface.

Remain watchful for brown or yellow colored burn marks on the cutting edge of your diamond blade. If you notice such sign, reduce drill pressure and check other parameters like lubrication and speed immediately.

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