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Top Three Android Mobile Apps For Game Lovers

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Today, you notice a huge number of latest games and apps popping out into the market each day. Some games are available for free and for a few, there’s a modest cost. A lot of free apps have advertisements displayed on the bottom or top, however, not cause any disturbance to the game. In scarce cases, ads might be really frustrating as they are placed precisely where one can touch unintentionally. If you need to appreciate all these Android games you must have an Android supported mobile along with you. Just in a case where you don’t have one such device then consider sell my phoneoption to exchange your unsupported device for cash.

Use that amount to get the latest Android handset from any manufacturer, which support Android games. If you’re not fascinated in cash for your device option then choose recycle my mobile option to eliminate off your old gadgets and purchase an Android device. If a game or an application is free it doesn’t imply any lesser quality. Here are top 3 Android games which offers loads of exciting and entertainment.

Live Holdem Poker-

An addictive and exciting poker game that includes avatars, live chat, lottery draw, Facebook connect, tournament modes and a lot more. You could be a section of the major poker community on Android and practice millions of true people. To get going, just sign in, pass through a few initial steps, select a table to use and make the playing begin. Game play tempo is based on your coverage to the net and is much quicker when using a powerful Wi-Fi connection.

The game lets you play against acquaintances or strangers worldwide. Facebook end users will likely know about the online game of Texas Holdem Poker. The Android variety makes use of your Facebook user name and password to attach with live Texas Holdem Poker games where one can play against buddies or strangers all over the world.


The game is simply straightforward. Any person, who loved playing the classic Bejewelled game, can easily tell you how addictive this jigsaw game is. This Jewels game is not exactly the same game. It plays identical to Bejewelled and is available and accessible as a free download in the Android Market. Arrange similar jewels into rows of three or even more. After you get three identical jewels in a row, they will disintegrate, only to get replaced by another group of jewels. The more similar jewels you can join, the more points you earn. The object is actually to beat your high score.

Paper Toss-

Paper Toss is a nice game that was initially famous in the Apple application stores is available now in the Android Market. This small game is a free download and try, but it is ad provided like many other free Android apps. Just put the paper ball directly into trash can as many times repeatedly as you can. A fan will attempt to blockade your shot with various levels of wind current in several directions. There are 6 stages of difficulty having 4 different backdrops.


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