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Toronto Concierge Services for the High-Strung Career Man

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Many people work twice as hard as others to attain a better quality of life. They get out of bed early in the morning and remain productive throughout the day. Such individuals hold on to the hope that failure will not come knocking at their door. Unfortunately, some of these hard-working people focus on their careers so much that they tend to forget about their wellbeing and personal relationships.

CEOs and managers are the usual victims of overwork. Their massive day-to-day duties and responsibilities compel them to multitask, splitting their attention between multiple activities and almost never fully engaging in all of them. Doing so, however, often results in subpar projects that can be disadvantageous to the business. If you don’t want to put yourself and the entire business at risk, you may want to consider hiring a personal concierge service.

Personal concierges perform a variety of tasks, ranging from scheduling daily activities to running different errands like picking up dry-cleaning, delivering packages, and taking the car for an oil change. These duties can all be performed while you are at work so that you’ll have enough time to take a breather. Contrary to what many believe, concierge services are not just for Mr. Corporate as Josie Average, too, can find them handy.

Concierge services are now mushrooming thanks to today’s highly competitive market. In fact, industry experts predict the corporate world will be seeing more personal concierges in the near future. It’s wise to invest in one now than to suffer the consequences of poor time management later.

Toronto CEOs and managers can benefit a lot from a personal concierge service. Being Canada’s premier business center, one can assume their schedules can be quite demanding on some days. A personal concierge can help you navigate your way through hectic schedules, offering much-needed peace of mind. The question now is: “How do I hire a reliable personal concierge?”

Executive director of UBC’s Centre for CEO Leadership, Stephen Eccles advises everyone to take their time to consider before hiring a Toronto concierge. “It’s lonely at the top. Your assistant will be an important person in your professional life, so take your time and make sure you’re choosing someone who can not only get the job done, but whom you feel comfortable spending part of your career with.” says Eccles. In simpler terms, avoid hiring someone just because others are doing it.

A Toronto concierge service can help you deal with virtually everything. Your only job is to find someone who can provide the services you need. For more in-depth tips on choosing a personal concierge, visit


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