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Toughbooks are for those with an extreme lifestyle

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Once you scratch the surface you can hardly compare Toughbooks to Macbook. One has features that the other does not, and probably combined they could make the perfect portable computer. Unfortunately you cannot have something without losing something else. Therefore you should really know exactly what counts for you and what you can leave behind. A choice must be made.

Firstly, we should take into consideration what is somehow alike. Both offer features that are very useful to someone that has an extremely busy lifestyle. They are fit for someone that does not care to be over-protective with their piece of technology and have a long life battery, at least 6 hours on a fully charged battery. Basically, you can trust them to work in conditions other laptops could not. Their exterior and their internal components are designed not to break so easily.

Of course, as mentioned there are plenty of differences. The ruggedized features on a Mac Book go so far, they are very durable and do not break as easily as Windows based laptops, but they cannot compare to Toughbooks. These are computers designed to work even in environments where people’s life depend on the computer, such as battlefield condition. Most of them are noted to be capable of stopping a bullet and you can literally use them as a weapon. Some models even have a built-in handle for portability.

The disadvantages of Toughbooks are that they are quite pricy, even a used one can go up to 5000 $. However, the quality of such a portable computer is priceless. You can basically abuse it in any way and it still works. No other kind of portable computer on the market can do such a thing. Furthermore, they tend to be heavy and bulky, though you can find a Toughbook that is semi-ruggedized and lighter. Also, you cannot use it for gaming, but neither Macbook is strong at this department.

Macbook is wining at the appearance field. It is more aesthetic pleasant, thinner and smoother. Some users said about Macbook Air that it is like marrying a beautiful woman that should not be anyone’s wife. And since we tend to choose products based on their design, Toughbooks is not for the general consumer. Also it is much lighter – in general anyway – and it is using Mac OS X which make it more stable and easy to use according to Apple enthusiasts.

If you do not intend to subject your portable computer to extreme physical abuse and your keen on the looks, than you should probably go for Macbook. If you know you are short-tempered and might feel the urge to use your computer as an anger management device or you might work in an environment with harsh condition then Toughbooks are your solutions.

There is no sharper contrast than between Macbook and Toughbooks. The first is a durable computer designed for the general consumer and the second for those that cherish durability in extremely harsh condition.


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  • Posted On May 6, 2012
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