Precisely what questions should you ask Council before applying to get a town planning permit?

CSQ Town Planner Melbourne points out that all Councils throughout Victoria have a Town Planner available during normal office hours to respond to any queries from the public. You should take advantage of this particular service at the earliest possible stage. Ask the Town Planner Melbourne what exactly is permissible and prohibited in the land use zone that applies to your property.  And if you have a particular development concept in mind for your property (e.g. multi-unit, retail shops, industrial factory, café, mixed use etc) ask the Town Planner Melbourne if there are any controls prohibiting the use of the land for the exact purpose you have described.

CSQ Town Planner Melbourne emphasised if you wish to build a multi-unit (two or more) residential development on your property, make sure that you request a copy of the ‘Rescode’ standards from your own Council and ask about any other development guidelines that you will need to consider. The Rescode in particular stipulates measurable design standards that relate to residential developments. CSQ Town Planner Melbourne reiterates that these design standards will be used by Council to assess the merits and appropriateness of a residential development. Seeking professional town planning help is crucial in designing a development that will meet all the objectives and design requirements by Council.  CSQ Town Planner Melbourne has the specialist knowledge and experience to help you get a town planning permit faster because CSQ have in-depth understanding of what Council looks for to approve development proposals. 

An important document that you MUST examine is the title of the land (land title). This is not available from Council but may be extracted from Landata ( for around approximately $25. The title of the land will include a plan of your property showing the official dimensions of your site and a cover sheet that includes a legal description of the land, caveats, covenants, encumbrances, etc. Pay particular attention to the encumbrances section to see if there are restrictions on the use and development of the land. CSQ Town Planner Melbourne highlights the importance of checking the land title because Council cannot legally issue a planning permit if the proposal is in breach of a restrictive covenant. If what you are attempting to develop or build is in breach of the covenant you must first seek to have the covenant removed from the land. For more information contact CSQ Town Planner Melbourne.

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