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Traditional Wedding Card is the preeminent way for announcing the wedding

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The preeminent way for announcing the formal wedding is traditional invitation cards. Wording is the most important part of these cards. Proper formal wording is the key factor of these wedding cards. The other name for traditional wedding invitation is formal wedding invitations. Due to fewer varieties in these invitations we can’t do so much experiment with designs, colors and style of traditional wedding cards. But still you can do one thing with these wedding cards to make them match with our theme and style that means you can personalize your traditional wedding invitations according to your need.

Normally the colors which we use in these invitations are white, cream and some shades which are made with the combination of white colors. It is the thinking of few people that if these invitations are not in white colors or some touch of white colors, then they are not traditional wedding invitations.

 You can give borders in these invitations. You can choose any colors for these borders or the same color as that of ink or the theme of wedding has. It is the myth that borders dominate the look of traditional cards. Today we have so many designs in borders which enhance the beauty

There are many varieties in fonts for the traditional invitations but it is better to go with traditional fonts like Arial and Roman fonts. Avoid using fancy fonts. Always use one type of font in whole text of your card so that your guests will be able to read it clearly and it gives elegant and traditional touch to your wedding invitations.

It is good if you use the dark ink colors in these invitations so that it properly matches with the white background. In dark ink color black is the best one; however you can use any dark color like dark brown or dark red colors. This perfect combination of black ink with white background provides immense contrast to your cards.

Usually heavy papers are used in Indian Wedding Invitations with traditional touch. Here heavy means that it looks heavy when we touch it not a heavy card stock. The other paper choices for traditional invitations are linen, cotton and parchment papers. If you do the over decoration of these cards then it’s lose its simplicity so try to make it as simple as possible.  

Choose the color of envelope according to the color of wedding card. If your card is of white color then white envelope is best for it but if the wedding card is of some other color then choose the envelope that math with that color. Do not forget about the individual cards such as response or RSPV card along with its envelope and map card (optional) for traditional wedding invitations. Traditional Wedding Cards are available for every religion. The traditional features of Muslim Wedding Invitations are different form features of Hindu Wedding Invitation and so on.

Your wedding invitation reflects your persona. It is the combination of your dream and love. It consist of huge amount of information but this information is worthless if your guests get lost. Because your card gives whole detail of your wedding like time, date and venue so that

Your guests attend your wedding without any confusion and make your wedding joyful and remarkable so that it remains live for many years in the heart of every person.


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