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Transfer 2D to 3D era

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3D movies have existed in some form since 1915, but due to the expensive hardware and processes required to produce and display a 3D movie and other reasons, it could not as popular as today. In the 2000s, the 3D movies only started to become famous and brought a storm to the movies industry. 


At present, in the world cinema, 3D screening technology had become commercialized. And it included active and passive stereoscopic; recently, some companies had developed the technology of pink RGB spectrum stereo screening technology (INFITEC). 3D is utilized of two eyes’ visual difference. 3D is becoming more and more popular in the movie industry. But to make one perfect 3D movie is a kind of difficult; so, convert 2d video to 3d will be easier way instead. 


3D Titanic is one of the hottest topics recently, so, we can see that 3D movies will have its own era. As a common sense that the key point the good movie is always with a touching story. And now plus with the 3D technology, the story telling level is enhanced, so it is one of the reasons for rekindling the passion of many people. However, injecting 3D life into an old movie is not that easy, take 3D Titanic as an example, in order to convert the Titanic from 2D to 3D, it cost 6 months and 18 million US dollars and also hired more than 300 technicians employees. As the proverb saying, no pain no games. After all those effort, 3D Titanic is on show now and having good performance in the box office which reached 20 billion US dollars in the world wide during 12 days of it release. The 3D Titanic did not sink as Titanic itself.


3D effect, which also known as three dimensions effect, it sounds cool, it looks techno, and it is really difficult. Here, we won’t involve in the topic of how to make to 3D movies, because it can be discussed for the all the long. Within lots of 2D to 3D converter software available in the internet, perhaps, you can create 3d movie on your own in one day when you are free and willing to do that.


It is clear that 3D resource is limited and the 3D resources complex structure is expensive; therefore, make 3D with 2D video will be the important method of getting 3D resource in the future. But, during the process of converting 2D to 3D is still having many problems need to be solved, such as depth chart extraction and the 3D structure reconstruction of accuracy and so on. As a result, convert 2D to 3D is also a long term topic and difficult task. Let’s see what is going to happen in the next.


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