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Transitions in the Commercial Printing Industry

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The commercial printing side of the print production industry has been struggling with several issues in recent years. Direct mail and custom printing have had to find more creative ways to adjust to the increased mail costs leading to the decrease in direct mail campaigns. Another change in print production industry comes from the increased use of electronic media to communicate means less is printed.

In retrospect, taking a look into the newspaper industry has an example of the struggle the custom printing industry as a whole. First the costs of raw materials have become a controversial issue. There has been increasing throughout the years. It is tough for the print production industry. Marketing initiatives have moved towards digital marketing trend. Items such as custom brochures, custom printed folders, and catalog printing are all resolved by displaying images on the websites. Although websites have been an alternative, there is not substitution for being able to touch an item. In buying psychology, tactile touch of an item draw allows for the custom to engage more into an item or a service than the just visual cues.

Several commercial printing companies have transitioned to being full service marketing companies, with some even eliminating the word “print” from their custom brochures and website displays. There has been a tricky brand familiarity with commercial printing companies interpreting them as older companies who will not be able to provide the services which you need. Other custom printing companies have transitioned into package-printing industry. Package, label, and custom printing has developed into a niche industry that several businesses continue to need. For instance, trade show marketing is still relevant use for several industries. Trade show marketing allows for business to meet and showcase their new products and recurring services. Utilizing a commercial printing company in this niche market would help in designing wide format printing banners, large format printing for advertising, and custom promotional products to bring to customers. Custom brochures and catalog printing can be used for both information customers about the potential products and services as well as branding purposes. Custom promotional products and promotional business items are used directly for branding purposes. They can be applied to daily use products such as cell phones and pens. As long as the brand recognition continues to strive forward, custom printing companies will have option on how to sell their services to various businesses.

There are still approximately 400 major commercial printing companies in the United States. Most offer services beyond their commercial printing. With the variety of capabilities, these companies will be able to strive in a fickle economy for the print production industry. The key is to have an impact on the client base through quality work and customer service. As long as those principles remain consistent there will be an evolution in the commercial printing industry.

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