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Trip to Anegundi, Karnataka

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Anegundi actually means Elephant Gorge. The depth of the river in this area is of the height of an elephant, making it a convenient location to bathe elephants. Gundi also means ‘group’ since a stable was located here one could see elephant herds and hence the name Anegundi. Its also the cradle city of Vijayanagara and a  traditional village set in the backdrop of the ancient cultural heritage site in the Koppaldistrict of Karnataka, in close quarters to the Hampi World Heritage Site. Holiday in Anengundi is an upcoming and interesting product from South India.

Anegundi literally meaning “Elephant’s pit” in Kannada – is from a bygone era dating back to the time of the Ramayana. This rustic hamlet on the northern bank of the Tungabhadra River is steeped in history. Its history is older and richer than Hampi. Archaeological digs have revealed 8000 years of continuous human settlement here. Yes, 8000 years. Anegundi is believed to be Kishkinda, the vanar (monkey) kingdom of Ramayana. The birth place of Hanuman, Anegundi was the capital of the Vijayanagar kingdom before it was shifted to Hampi. The best way to reach the village is to take a short coracle ride across the river from Hampi. It can also be reached by road from Hospet town.

Anegundi, home of the Devarayas, is located right onthe banks of river Tungabhadra, which flows to the south and to the east of the village. around, visitors can get a peek at any artisans of banana fibre, women grinding ‘chutney’ by rolling huge stones, others using lime hand prints for decorating doorways and doing coloured Rangoli in front of their houses. Holiday in Anegundi is never complete with out a Coracle ride. The coracles or bamboo basket boats form a  major attraction in anegundi tour giving the visitor an incredible experience of the river full of boulders.

Cycling tours are also offered as part of the holiday in anegundi and there are several walks that take you on mythical journeys of the Kishkinda the ancient monkey kingdom. Not only did Anegundi bask in the glow of the great Vijayanagar Empire, but also has it’s roots in one of India’s great epics, the Ramayana. Aneguni is believed to be part of the mythical city of Kishkinda, home to the mighty Indian monkey God Hanuman. Anjunadari, Hanuman’s birthplace lies a few kilometers away from Anegundi. Anegundi’s architectural heritage is relatively unspoilt and it’s inspiring landscape makes it not only an important heritage site, but a living, natural one as well. For more information –


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