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Trouble in Spice paradise

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With fervour hotting up for the new Spice Girl musical, Viva Forever, it would feel odd without a few rumours circulating that things are not completely Glee in the Spice camp.


Viva Forever, or should it be called Viva 1996, will remember the era of awful trainers, the blazer with bra outfit, a rather daring dress with the Union Jack, leopard print catsuits, Lolita-style dresses, terrible Adidas tracksuits and strangely posh pouting styles. Whether you love or hate their music, it can’t be denied that they left their mark on young women’s fashion sense during the mid 90’s. By accentuating their individual style, and eventually becoming a self-caricature, they opened the path for young girls to follow their own styles. Perhaps the daring ensembles weren’t parents’ favourites, but new crazes have come up against hostility since skirts stopped above the knee and women’s shoes turned into women’s sandals for the first time. On that note, the less said about mens leather sandals, the better.


The pop sensation haven’t been spotted together since their 2008 reunion tour, in which they cancelled shows and succeeded in snubbing Australia and South America in the process. At the time the rumours of upset with the group were shut down through a video on their website. Still, the current video on the Viva Forever site might also send sparks flying. Individually, the Spice Girls give enthusiastic individual voxpops about how excited they are for this project. But there is an awkward part at the end where the girls put on their finest and Mel C says “We’ve been through so much together that we have these bonds that they will never be broken…unfortunately.” At that point they all genuinely laugh hard. But not Posh. She stands at the end of the line, looking nervous while the others giggle easily. It’s possible, however, that we can read too much into this – after all, wasn’t she always the aloof one that stood at the back, being disconnected?


Regardless, once the show opens, it’s certain to be a hit with such a catchy backlist and a plethora of British fans that are only too keen to brush off their wedges, catsuits and sing to the tune of their teenage years. We can onlyLet’s just hope that their outfits continue as fancy dress costumes and don’t return to vogue. We know that fashion regenerates, but this would be a step too far.

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  • Posted On July 30, 2012
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