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Tubal Reversal Surgery as Outpatient Surgery

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Tubal reversal is the surgery in which a surgeon repairs the fallopian tubes.  There are multiple reasons as to why a woman would want her fallopian tubes repaired but the main reason is to have fertility restored. Often this is a new relationship and the new partner does not have any children of his own.  Having the tubal reversal surgery is a life changing event full of excitement and anticipation.

Many women will ask if they are a good candidate for tubal reversal. There are a few factors to take into consideration. The following are things that you will want to speak with your doctor about.

·         The type of tubal ligation originally performed.  This depends on the damage that was actually done to the tubes.  If you are not sure what type of ligation was performed it is best to get a copy of your tubal ligation operative report.  Although this is a major concern for many women please keep in mind that the leading tubal reversal center is able to repair damaged fallopian tubes in 98% of all cases.

·         The woman’s age at the time of tubal reversal. The older we get the harder it can be to conceive. Rule of thumb is, as long as you are ovulating and having normal menstrual cycles the chance for pregnancy is there.

·         Your partner’s health. In most cases if your partner has fathered a child then there is probably no need for concern. But, if your partner has not had children then a sperm analysis could be done. This is sometimes done to alleviate any fears that a couple may have.

·         The experience of the surgeon performing the tubal ligation reversal. Yes, there are surgeons that do this type of surgery full time and this is all they do. Choosing a surgeon with the most experience will produce better results with the repair. The surgeons that so these types of surgery are the ones who see the most difficult of cases and have the best repair rates.

Another fact that many couples do not realize is that this surgery can be performed as an outpatient procedure. The leading tubal reversal center performs reversals on a daily basis and then the patient is allowed back to their hotel room. The following morning the patient is then checked by someone on the tubal reversal staff (nurse or physician) and then allowed to return back home. There are outstanding benefits to having the surgery performed this way. The first is that it is much less expensive than having the surgery performed in a hospital. The cost at the outpatient center is all-inclusive. There are no hidden fees from other departments within the hospital. The second is that it is safer for the patient undergoing the reversal surgery. All of the patients are there for the same reason. There are no other patients coming in with illnesses and the environment is much safer and germ free.

For more information of tubal ligation reversal visit:  Tubal reversal blog, message board and <a href=”“>tubal reversal videos</a>.


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