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Two Most Popular Types of Web Server Hosting

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A server is a specialized computer that is designed to receive requests from the users on the World Wide Web (WWW) or internet and responds to those requests, which are generally transmitted over a network. Servers don’t look like conventional computer systems with monitor and other peripherals, but they are different kind of machines that supply information and resources to other computers, usually called clients.

Now, let’s come to web server hosting. Web server hosting is a kind of internet hosting service that enables individuals and organizations to make their website run on the internet. The website hosting services are provided by firms called web hosts that provide web-space owned or leased to their customers, as well as, provide internet connectivity, usually in a data center.

Although web server hosting can be done through various means, there are two most popular types of web server hosting that can be seen in the web hosting India industry these days. These types are briefly discussed below:

Shared Web Server Hosting: It is also called virtual web server hosting. In this kind of hosting many websites run on a single web server connected to the internet. Each website runs on a separate partition or a separate section on the web server. This web hosting option is quite inexpensive in relation to other web hosting types. The reason of its less cost is that a single server is shared by many customers and thus the cost is less for each of them. Although it is economical, but it has some demerits like it does not support secure websites or HTTPS sites; if there is objectionable content (like pornography, violence, etc.) running on the sites on any partition, the IP might be blocked by certain search engines and the normal sites on other partitions would also suffer; same digital certificate must be shared by all name-based virtual hosts using the same IP address as the SSL/TLS handshake takes place before the hostname is sent to the server. Despite these drawbacks, shared web server hosting is popular among many small and medium scale organizations.

Dedicated Web Server Hosting: As the name suggests, in dedicated web server hosting the client gets a complete server that is dedicated to it or solely used by the client. The resources of a dedicated server are not used by anyone, except the organization or institution leasing it. Dedicated hosting offers more flexibility than other types hosting options as in it the organization taking its service gets complete control over the server, the service taker can choose the operating system and hardware of its choice. This service is usually availed by large firms. The benefits of this type of hosting are many like no system downtimes, customization option, and total safety. The only weak point is that dedicated hosting is costlier than shared hosting, but the amount spent on dedicated hosting is justified owing to the level of service one gets.

The above mentioned web server hosting types are the most popular in the web hosting industry, however there are various other hosting options also like managed web hosting, collocated web hosting, etc. You may get more information about shared and dedicated web server hosting along with miscellaneous hosting options and web hosting India industry at:



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