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Two New Races were Increased in the Final Test of Guild Wars 2

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Guild Wars 2 will be open the final test on July 20 to 22, compared with several game testing before, this game tests will add a large number of new elements to the work which has also become one of the focus of players.

Today, the game makers ArenaNet announced that they will add two new race roles in the final test of Guild Wars 2 for the players to play.

According to the official introduction, the two races were the Asura and Sylvari disclosed before. Because this was the ultimate test of the game, so after the game officially on sale, they will become the players’ optional role again directly.

About Asura and Sylvari

Asura race be able to create statue servant, Asura door, blast pipe and many other invention by using magic. Their culture is not only both organizations, but also very flexible. They will form a “Crew” to accomplish some difficult task. On the other hand, Asura race improve their own position by virtue of inventions and new theory. As a whole, they are constantly looking for methods to improve and extend the wisdom.

Sylvari belong to wizard race, they have the curiosity, has chivalry, very eager to gain honor in the war. But feel their own race is on the decline, they will be to establish civilization in the depths of the forest and determine to benefit others with mysterious magic.

“Guild Wars” basic configuration recommendations:

CPU: Pentium IV 2.4G or above

Memory: 1G

Graphics card: GeForce 6200 series or equivalent grade graphics

Hard disk: 4GB

The recommended configuration recommended:

CPU: Pentium Core 2 Duo E2100


Graphics: GeForce 8600 Series graphics in the same grade

Hard disk: more than 4GB


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