If you need to transfer files from one system to another then you need to follow any of the popular file transfer methods. There are different ways to transfer files and here we shall discuss about few of the popular methods which are widely used.

File Transfer protocol

It is one of the popular methods to send data or files between interconnected computers. Data can be transferred at faster rates but it is less secured and the data can be easily stolen by someone. Main advantage of file transfer protocol is to send files of any capacity. Files that are not important can be easily transferred through FTP

Pros of FTP

(a)Fast transfer of data
(b)Big files can be quickly transferred
(c)Easy to send files for both receiver and sender


(a)Data can be hacked during file transfer
(b)Not secure to sent confidential information

Email Service

During the past decade email services became highly popular. There are various free email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Lycos, Rediff, Hot mail, etc. Any type of files including images, videos, songs, data, etc can be sent from one place to any place across the globe through emails. If you want to send a big file, then split it into several files and attach them as multiple files. Email allows sending files of limited size only and it is difficult to transfer large file at a single instance.

Pros of transferring files through email

(a)Privacy can be maintained while sending mails
(b)Easy to upload and download files
(c)Any type of data can be send through email
(d)Email services are completely free

Cons of email

(a)Difficult to send big files at once or on a single stretch
(b)Email service provider can read emails unless it is encrypted

Peer to peer file sharing

Data or files between any two computers can be shared through P2P file transfer method. File sharing protocols like Bit Torrent are popular peer to peer file sharing protocol. In P2P method of file transfer no intermediate server is used.


(a)Easy to transfer files of any large size
(b)No intermediate server is used


(a)More complex to transfer files
(b)People who want to download the data must first initially get the metadata.

Removable media files

When it comes to removable media files there are plenty of them including pen drive, DVD, CD, etc. They are available in different sizes and they help to transfer any type of data including videos and images. If one needs to rob a data then they can easily do by copying the specific files.


(a)Data can be transferred quickly
(b)Any type of data can be transferred
(c)Any amount of data can be transferred


(a)If virus or Trojans are present in pen drives then it infects other system
(b)If malwares are present then one can gain unauthorized access into your system.

There are various ways to transfer big files and the author has written various articles on how to send large files.


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