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Types of Pediatricians and their Value to Child Care

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With further studies, one acquires more knowledge and in the process develops a specialization. The sophistication one gains from this new knowledge can result to further specializations. As human endeavors become more complicated, man responds to them in a similar manner.

In the relatively young field of pediatrics, specializations have been developed to provide the best possible treatment to specific medical concerns among children. Various disciplines to answer these needs in pediatric care include neonatology and pediatric genetics.

Neonatology deals with newborn infants, particularly ill or premature newborns. It has emerged as one of the most important pediatric specializations, helping save the lives of countless infants around the world. Pediatric geneticists, on the other hand, undergo special training in both pediatrics and genetics. They can identify the causes of a child’s body chemistry and structure and prescribe and perform the corresponding treatments. They can also determine if a particular disease is hereditary.

Another specialization in pediatrics is the developmental-behavioral pediatrics. Specialists in this field are trained to diagnose whether a child has learning, developmental, or behavioral problems. They are similar to but not the same as child psychiatrists. Meanwhile, pediatric pulmonologists diagnose and treat a child’s respiratory problems and typically treat patients from birth to 21 years of age for various lung and pulmonary ailments.

Pediatric neurologists are trained to diagnose and treat problems of the nervous system like epilepsy, brain tumors, seizures, cerebral palsy and the like. To treat cancer and diseases of the blood among the young, parents and their children turn to pediatric oncologists. They handle complex diseases like leukemia, brain or bone tumors, and diseases of the blood cells. A lot of pediatricians Portland medical offices provide specialize in diseases like these.

Specialist pediatricians typically assist the patient’s main pediatrician. They help diagnose and treat various illnesses that could not be adequately handled by a general pediatrician. Doctors involved with pediatrics Portland medical offices provide thus work with specialists on call to take care of their patients’ complex medical needs.

Pediatricians Portland patients consult have proven competence in their fields of specialization and child care. Most pediatric medical offices in Portland employ the same number of pediatricians in both sexes to provide balance and harmony and cater to every patient’s needs. Although most pediatric patients do not mind being treated by doctors of either sex, some are more comfortable with special care from doctors of their own sex.


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