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Types of SEO Companies Utah Businesses Should Know About

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Internet marketing is one of the easiest ways to get paying customers to consider your product. Because of this, more companies are turning to internet marketing to be more competitive. This creates a saturated online environment, which is why internet marketing can be very cutthroat.

The Dark Side promises power, hence the cliché about the right path not being the easy way. When you come over to the Dark Side of internet marketing, there is the possibility of you getting more customers and more traffic. Despite this, common sense—as well as a lifetime of Hollywood movies—should tell you that no one who ever joins the Dark Side wins. Just look at what happened to Emperor Palpatine.

To stay on the right path and get paying customers the ethical way, you should know the difference between the good and the bad in terms of internet marketing and its most potent tool, search engine optimization. This is good both for beginners as well as for SEO consultants that might have strayed a bit to the Dark Side. There are three types of SEO: white hat, black hat, and the bad.

Companies should ideally utilize the services of white hat SEO companies because, as the name suggests, these professionals use ethical techniques and procedures to make sure your website gets to the top and stays there. Think of it as that well-dressed and respectable family guy who looks out for the welfare of others. Wouldn’t you want to hire a guy like that?

A black hat SEO, on the other hand, is the white hat SEO’s evil brother with the oily hair and pointed beard. In terms of food, a black hat SEO can be compared to fatty fast food—it tastes good at first, but it ultimately leads to a lot of problems. These guys would use a lot of tricks like hidden texts or links, as opposed to a white hat SEO company Utah businesses hire which complies with search engine regulations.

A bad SEO company is the runt of the litter—small, mousy, and promises a lot of big things but never really delivers. These guys reel you in with too-good-to-be-true offers and leave you hanging after you pay. On the other hand, white hat Utah search engine optimization companies won’t promise you the sun and moon but will carry out reasonable measures to maintain excellent page rankings.

Internet marketing is a potent tool, and you need a trustworthy Utah search engine optimization company to wield it. For more information, visit or


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