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Types of Tours to Go On in Yarra Valley

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Booking a tour these days isn’t like how it was in the old days, wherein you were required to visit a travel agency, speak with a travel agent and go through tons and tons of brochures for hours and hours. Today, all it takes is your trusty computer, a reliable internet connection and the best and most reputable booking site and you’re all set for a wonderful trip ahead.


A tour of the Yarra Valley wineries is something that first time visitors to Australia look forward to, primarily because of the many wonderful testimonies and personal accounts that they have read online and on the world-renowned wines that the valley produces. Just approximately 45 minutes outside Melbourne, the Yarra Valley is famed for its excellent range of food and wine that are guaranteed to tantalize your senses and make you appreciate the finer things in life more. People from all walks of life, from the clueless to the connoisseur, to Experience Yarra Valley is one thing that they make sure not to miss in their lifetime. 


The Yarra Valley winery tours were first done in 1992 and has since then attracted millions of visitors worldwide. The tours involve visits around the valley’s 120 wineries led by local guides who can tell you everything from how the wines are produced to how to serve and store them. Of course, you also get to taste the best each winery has to offer and get free meals amidst the spectacular valley views. While there are a few people who choose to go to these tours alone, most willingly share the experience with family, friends/colleagues or their special someone. You can check out for some preliminary research on what to expect when you visit Yarra Valley.


Deciding what tour to go on can make or break your vacation and there are different types of tours you can check out that will ensure you enjoy yourself tremendously. Daily public tours are the best for families since they accommodate up to 11 people, with you being able to choose up to four wineries to visit, complete with a delicious lunch only for approximately $140 per person. You don’t even need to drive because you can be picked up at a designated spot and time and the driver/local guide will be able to answer anything and everything you need to know about Yarra Valley. 


For businesses who want to take their clients on a relaxing tour or maybe as a gift to someone special, you can book a personalized exclusive tour which entails you choosing up to four wineries to visit, complete with a gourmet lunch at any of the wineries you visit. This also includes door-to-door service and hotel/accommodation arrangements. 


If a taste of the finest wines is not your only reason to visit, you can also book farmgate tours that allow you a taste of the valley’s finest quality fruits and vegetables to go with your wine. These tours include visits to the valley’s landmark spots like the Blueberry Farm, Warratina Lavender Farm, Gerbera and Alpaca Farm and the Rayners Orchard. These are also suitable for families or groups of more than 20 and you can also arrange for door-to-door service as well.


And last but not the least, for the girlfriends who want to paint the town red without the gents, there are ladies’ day tours for you. Whether it’s just getting away for the weekend or doing bridal duties or organizing a baby shower, Yarra Valley is the best place to do it all. You can choose from a lineup of activities that will surely make time away from the guys worth it like spa packages, skydiving packages, shopping tours and even cooking classes. 


To savor the experience of touring Yarra Valley wineries, you should check out <a href=””></a> for ideas on how to best explore and enjoy this famed wine region just outside Melbourne, Australia. It is one experience you will remember forever.


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