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Understanding the Career Path of Medical Assistants

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It has been found in a survey done by a prominent certification agency that the demand of medical assistants is bound to grow up to 31% from 2010 to 2020. Performing clinical as well as administrative duties, these assistants are an integral part of any medical facility. Those dreaming of a career in the booming healthcare industry can easily do so by joining relevant training courses. Let us dwell more about these opportunities in the section below-

All medical training courses are not alikeThe training courses for assistant may be different from each other. Some courses may be of short durations whereas others may be extensive covering all the nuances of the field. However every aspirant should understand that only an accredited course helps in opening up brighter job opportunities therefore do not settle for any ordinary run of the mill program. It is also a common notion among most people that a medical assistant performs the miscellaneous duties. This is not true as today this profession is seen as an important part of patient care involving specialized responsibilities. Medical assistant training programs include study of computer applications, human anatomy, medical billing, insurance coding, office practices, patient relations, pharmacology, physiology, record keeping, medical law and accounting.

Understanding the importance of certifications for medical assistant jobsThose looking to make their careers as medical assistants should be aware that valid certifications are important for being employed in a lucrative position. There are chiefly four organizations that play an important role in the certifications of trained medical assistant professionals. The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) endorses these certifications as these are the best way of ascertaining the competency of the professionals. One of the best ways for professionals looking for jobs in this field is to consider taking the CMA certification provided by American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA).However there are some eligibility criteria for candidates appearing for this certification. The second certifying agency is of American Medical Technologists (AMT) agency that gives the certification of RMA (registered medical assistant). National Health career Association (NHA) has certified thousands of healthcare professionals as certified medical professionals. The other name in certifications is that of The National Center for Competency Testing that is known to have the most stringent testing to certify medical assistants of the best quality standards.

Pay scale of a medical assistantThe median pay of the medical assistant lies anywhere from $28000 to $30000. There are various factors that govern the compensation earned by a medical assistant that includes location, experience and certifications.

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