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Understanding the Fee Structure of Los Angeles Interior Designers

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Have you considered working with Los Angeles interior designers but then shied away from the idea confused at the prices for such service and unsure exactly what the value of the expertise you’d be paying for is?

You are not alone. Many people have thought that a professional decorating and design service would be nice, but never pursue the possibility out of fear that it will cost too much to pay someone who potentially doesn’t really know what they are doing to create a Los Angeles interior design plan for them. These are common misconceptions. In fact, working with a professional can oftentimes save you money and help you maximize the space you have to support your comfort and day-to-day living needs. Understanding more about the value of a talented decorator and how they charge for their services can help you see the benefits of trusting your decor needs to a professional.

You may be surprised to learn that there are at least ten different methods Los Angeles interior designers use to charge for their services. Clients often find this confusing, and it isn’t uncommon for the billing method to differ from designer to designer. Because the typical fee structure and types can seem difficult to understand, some mistakenly shy away from professional services, not trusting them. However, this is unnecessary. Understanding more about the ten different ways professionals may charge for their services and exactly what the value you receive for such charges is, can help you feel more comfortable when considering this type of personal service for your project.

The ten most common ways that Los Angeles interior designers charge for their services include: Consultation Fee, Square Footage, Hourly Fee, Percentage of Contract or Sale, Fixed Fee, Retail Less Sales, Value-Oriented, Retail Sales, Cost Plus Sales, or any combination of these. At first this can seem overwhelming, and you might be wondering, “Why are so many fee structures needed?” However, when you consider the greatly varied work performed by an interior designer, Los Angeles clients can begin to understand why such flexibility in fee structure is necessary.

Consider the following examples and how various fee types might apply. A project may require only the presentation and detailed directions for an interior design. clients may want to then take that design and use their own contractors and managers to execute the project. Services such as this could be billed on a flat fee basis. But, what if the client does want the professional to oversee the execution of the project? Perhaps then that service makes more sense to be billed on an hourly basis, compensating the professional for all the time he or she spends at the job site. With this in mind, you can begin to see how fee structures and types must vary due to the variety of work professional coordinators do.

Of course, before you agree to pay any fee to any interior designers, Los Angeles area residents must come to understand the value and benefits such professionals provide to their projects. These individuals are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to decorating, coordinating and supervising the visual appearance and functionality of a home. They may be experts in antiques, knowing the difference between items from the Queen Anne and Louis XV periods. They may specialize in modern, contemporary schemes. They might have a gift for creating spaces perfect for entertaining. Likely, many can do all of these things. Most professionals are jacks of all trade when it comes to decorating theory and practice.

They are also well connected, knowing where and how to shop for the best pieces to complete the vision you have for your home. They will maximize your budget and make your space absolutely work for you.

After understanding more about how these professionals often structure their fees, and the reasons behind doing so, it only takes a simple cost analysis exercise to see that interior designers clearly have expertise worth their price.

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There are many Los Angeles interior designers to choose from, but David Levine is among the very best. Helping clients with their decorating and coordinating needs for more than 30 years, David has extensive experience and an excellent interior design portfolio. View some of his work today and learn more about what David Levine can offer you at


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