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Understanding Wet Rot Perth and Woodworm and How to Deal with these Conditions

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There are many different types of problems that can arise if there is a dampness problem in your home. Wood is the most commonly affected material, and the most commonly found problems in wooden structures include Wet Rot Perth and woodworm. Here, you would find helpful information on the types of wet rot and how to deal with Woodworm Dundee.
There are basically two types of Wet Rot Perth, the brown and the white wet rot and they are both detrimental to timber. Usually, the brown variation results in cuboid-shaped cracks and shrinking in the timber and the white variety eats away the timber to leave only a fibrous structure.

Coniophora Puteana is the most commonly found Wet Rot Perth, which is also known by the name of Cellar Fungus. It features a dark brown sheet having frail threads that sprout from the wood. When it comes to the white wet rot, Phellinus Contigus is the most common example occurring in homes. In this case, the mycelium has a light brown growth that forms a sheet. You would be able to see groups of light brown strings that sprout from the wood.

How would you stop the growth of Wet Rot Perth in your home. The answer is to identify what is causing the dampness and fix it. It may be caused due to the penetration to dampness or even due to poor ventilation that can cause condensation inside your home. The best solution to deal with the situation is to call for help from professional wet rot elimination services.

Another problem that can affect timber and other wooden structures in your home is the Woodworm Dundee. Treating this conditions varies on the basis of its impact and where it has targeted. The following three tips would help you in the prevention of this condition when it appears at the first place.

The most common way for Woodworm Dundee to enter your home is via second-hand furniture. Before you purchase any old furniture or wooden item, make sure that you have checked it for any signs of this condition. Usually, it affects the unfinished parts of the wooden item like the rear part of cabinets or the bottom part of drawers. Other parts that can harbour these insects include the timber frame in an upholstered furniture or in different types of wickerwork.

When you have a woodworm or Wet Rot Perth problem in your home, you shouldn’t wait but instantly call for professional help. Visit this link to get help in finding the best wet rot and Woodworm Dundee eliminating companies in the business.


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